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15 Best Inexpensive Romantic Getaways in South Carolina 2024

by Ethan
15 Best Inexpensive Romantic Getaways in South Carolina 2024

Uncover the love and coziness of South Carolina, where you won’t need to empty your pockets to find warmth and affection. This state, cherished for its friendly faces, golden shores, and magical old-timey towns, is brimming with affordable romantic escapes that will let you lavish in love and create lasting memories without draining your wallet. Whether you’re snuggling up in a mountain hideaway or relaxing by the sea, you and your sweetheart can scout out the ideal getaway. Reignite the spark with these top 15 budget-friendly romantic hideaways in South Carolina in 2024.

1. Stroll the Historic Streets of Charleston

Explore the love-filled ambiance of Charleston, radiating historic beauty and pristine buildings. Meander side-by-side on the old cobblestone lanes or ride a horse-drawn carriage through the olden times district. Behold the stunning Waterfront Park or wander through the spellbinding Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. You’ll find sweet bed and breakfasts and economical lodgings, so you can soak in the sweethearts’ vibe without forking over too much dough.

2. Unwind on the Shores of Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach isn’t all hustle and bustle; it’s got its tranquil hideouts for lovebirds too. After basking in the sunny beauty of the beach or roaming the Boardwalk, snatch a wallet-friendly stay a little out of the way, where it’s all about the calm. Stroll the dusk sands, swirl around on the SkyWheel for a magnificent view, and end the day with a delicious, budget-friendly seafood meal.

3. Retreat to the Mountains in Upstate South Carolina

Head to the hills and peaceful lakes of the Upstate for a nature-infused escape. Couples can tuck away in a cabin or homely inn in places like Seneca or Walhalla without the hefty price tag. Trail walks to hidden waterfalls or serene moments by Lake Jocassee set a romantic scene. The mountain’s natural beauty and stillness make for a quiet, pocket-friendly refuge.

4. Explore the Quaint Town of Beaufort

Beaufort’s tree-graced avenues, old homes, and waterfront allure spell out Southern romance. Pocket-friendly bed and breakfasts offer intimate stayovers for duos. Pedal leisurely to Hunting Island State Park for a peaceful day or sail into sunset beauty without racking up expenses.

5. Indulge in Lowcountry Delights on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head may whisper luxury, but it’s got thriftier choices too. Savor fresh catches after a chill day on lesser-known beaches like Alder Lane or Fish Haul. Snap up off-season or last-minute stay deals, and make this island romance a reality while still watching your budget.

6. Soak Up the Sun in Folly Beach

With its chill vibe and stunning shore, Folly Beach is a couple’s beach paradise. Dodge the peak season for sweeter deals on stays. Relax with tasty eats from local spots or whip up a seaside feast with goodies from nearby stores. As dusk falls, watch the sky change colors from the pier or vibe to live tunes at cozy beach bars.

7. Discover Greenville’s Downtown Scene

Greenville blends city excitement with suburban prices. Its lively downtown, complete with picturesque riverside walks, is stuffed with romantic locales. Check out Falls Park on the Reedy and the iconic Liberty Bridge, then hit up an affordable yet trendy bistro. Sleep tight in historic inns or budget hotels, guaranteeing a love-filled, economical stay.

8. Wander the Grounds of a Winery in York County

For the duo who adores the finer things sans the expense, York County’s wineries are a romantic, wallet-friendly outing. Sip on wines and gaze at the scenic vines for little cost. Some wineries even throw events with live music, perfect for enjoying a glass of South Carolina’s best with your partner.

9. Unplug in the Peaceful Town of Aiken

Aiken is the go-to spot for couples craving silent charm. The historical district, with its enchanting tree canopy and cozy cafes, is perfect for lazy wanders. Pick an adorable yet affordable guesthouse or inn, adding a personal touch to your time of love. Whether you’re strolling through Hopelands Gardens or catching a polo match, Aiken offers a countryside romance.

10. Enjoy Coastal Serenity in Pawleys Island

For laid-back seaside serenity, Pawleys Island is a hidden gem. This tranquil spot boasts untouched beaches, cute shops, and budget-friendly places like rustic cottages and inns. Lounge on the sandy stretches or paddle through the marshes, then feast in the evening at a local spot without the tourist price bump.

11. Experience Southern Splendor in Summerville

Known as “Flowertown” for its blooming azaleas, Summerville paints a postcard-perfect scene for an affordable romantic escape. Enjoy budget stays and stroll through the town’s antique stores and parks. Outdoor shows and festivals offer free or low-cost fun that’s as sweet as it is unforgettable.

12. Fall in Love with the Blue Ridge in Walhalla

Walhalla, nestled at the Blue Ridge Mountains’ base, beckons couples to dive into nature without splurging. Rustic cabins and comfy B&Bs give you low-cost options away from the commercial resorts. Picnicking in Oconee State Park or discovering secret waterfalls can be soulful and soft on the wallet.

13. Bask in the Secluded Beauty of Edisto Island

Edisto Island’s pristine beaches and mellow vibe frame the perfect setting for duos seeking to steer clear of crowds. Rent affordable beachside cottages for a slice of heaven. Simple joys like beach walks, cycling, and sunset adoration are priceless, with virtually no cost.

14. Immerse in the Arts in Spartanburg

Artsy couples will fall for Spartanburg’s cultural buzz, with its art hubs, music, and theater at friendly prices. Snuggle up in quaint accommodations near the downtown culture scene. Enjoy a close dinner before a live performance or exhibition, all while knowing you’ve snagged an affordable treasure.

15. Discover History in Gaffney

For history-loving couples counting pennies, Gaffney presents troves of explorations. See the famous Peachoid, peruse the historic streets, or delve into Revolutionary War sites. With comfy, economy lodgings, you can dive into Carolinas history without the steep costs.


1. What are some tips for finding the best deals on accommodations in South Carolina?

To save on sleepovers, try booking at less busy times, comparing prices online, and scouting for last-second offers. Consider a stay just outside the popular spots for even better rates.

2. Can you recommend any free or low-cost activities for couples in South Carolina?

Couples can enjoy plenty of free or cheap fun like checking out state parks, ambling through historic areas, and joining in on local festivities or markets. Lots of places also have free tours on foot and public beaches for sunny days out.

3. Are there any hidden costs to be aware of when planning a budget-friendly romantic getaway in South Carolina?

Keep an eye out for sneaky extras like parking charges, resort fees, or high season rates. Always read the details and check with your hosts or hotels directly about any other fees to cut down on surprises.

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