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15 Best Inexpensive Weekend Getaways in Missouri 2024

by Ethan
15 Best Inexpensive Weekend Getaways in Missouri 2024

Are you itching to get away from the noise and rush but don’t want to spend a fortune? Missouri is brimming with cheap weekend escapes that will lift your spirits without stretching your budget thin. From the gentle hills of wine country to the tranquil surroundings of state parks, Missouri has a little bit of magic for everyone. Dive into the great outdoors, uncover the layers of history, or just relax in a cozy small town. Let’s dive into some of the top spots Missouri has for an affordable time away in 2024.

1. Relaxation at Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks isn’t just a playground for those who love the water; it’s also a sanctuary for anyone looking for a pocket-friendly weekend escape. With a variety of low-cost places to stay, including delightful cabins and snug bed and breakfasts, you’re bound to find the perfect spot for your visit. Fill your days by soaking in the scenic beauty of the area, which stretches over 1,150 miles of lakeside, or drift along the water on a boat. Enjoy inexpensive activities like fishing, rambling through the woods, and golfing, making the Lake of the Ozarks an ideal choice for a thrifty getaway.

2. Historic Charm in St. Charles

St. Charles captivates its guests with tales from yesteryear, cobblestone pathways, and a mix of one-of-a-kind shops and eateries at great prices. Wander around the lovely historic district on your own or check out sights like the Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum for just a few bucks. Quaint boutiques and antique stores offer great finds without a high price tag, while numerous parks by the Missouri River beckon with free fun and spots to chill out. The range of lodgings, from cozy inns to economical hotels, guarantees your visit is both snug and kind to your wallet.

3. Cultural Excursion in Kansas City

Dive into Kansas City’s lively culture without emptying your wallet. Enjoy the many free spots around the city, including the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Wander around the historic City Market where affordable local veggies and crafts are at your fingertips. And don’t skip the chance to sample Kansas City’s renowned barbecue at prices that are nice to your pocket. There are lots of cheap places to stay for weekend visitors, meaning you can spend more on fun and less on where you sleep.

4. Wine Tasting in Hermann

Tucked along the Missouri River, Hermann is celebrated for its German culture and local wine cellars. Whether you’re a wine buff or just curious, you’ll love the budget-friendly wine tasting the town’s wineries dish up. Hermann’s stunning setting is also perfect for peaceful walks or bike rides. Cozy guesthouses and B&Bs offer visitors a slice of small-town kindness, creating a sweet and wallet-friendly weekend retreat.

5. Outdoor Activities at Mark Twain National Forest

If you’re an adventurer on the hunt for an affordable weekend away, set your sights on Mark Twain National Forest. Here, Mother Nature’s playground is free, with loads of fun like trekking, spotting birds, and angling. Plenty of campgrounds offer you cheap camping spots, or if you prefer an actual roof over your head, nearby towns have cheap sleep options. It’s all about embracing the great outdoors while saving your pennies.

6. Historical Exploration in Independence

Independence, Missouri, is a treasure trove of fascinating historical sites that won’t cost you much. Follow the trails blazed by pioneers, pop by the Truman Presidential Library & Museum for a small fee, or wander around the grand Vaile Mansion. Or, if action’s more your thing, hit up the parks and hiking trails. Budget-friendly hotels and motels in the area mean diving into Missouri’s history doesn’t have to cost a whole lot.

7. Lakeside Leisure at Stockton Lake

This hidden treasure is perfect if you want to dodge the crowds without draining your funds. Stockton Lake’s sparkling waters are a dream for swimmers, sailors, and fishers. Campgrounds and affordable lakeside rentals let you enjoy a lakeside weekend without the hefty price tag. The state park and nearby areas flaunt free recreational fun, making it a prime spot for the budget-minded nature enthusiast.

8. Quaint Getaway in Rocheport

Rocheport is full of small-town allure and offers budget-friendly fun for weekend wanderers. Stay in historic homes turned into bed and breakfasts for a stay that’s both unique and easy on the pocket. Spend your days pedaling or strolling through the scenic Katy Trail State Park, or have a look at what the local artisan stores have in store. The town’s eateries dish out hearty meals at prices that won’t make you blink, so you can treat yourself without worry.

9. Spa Retreat in Excelsior Springs

For those looking for a dose of calm and some pampering on a shoestring, make your way to Excelsior Springs. Known for its therapeutic mineral waters and the historic Elms Hotel, you can get your spa fix at a slice of the cost of fancier retreats. The downtown area, with its old-time shops and cafes, is great for a low-cost day out. Plus, several parks provide a peaceful place to relax in nature for nothing at all.

10. Golfing and More in Branson

Branson isn’t just all about shows and spectacle; it’s also a hotspot for golf fans looking for a deal. The area’s public golf courses have surprisingly low green fees. And there’s loads of other affordable attractions like the Branson Landing fountain show, the old-time downtown, and trails in the Ozarks. Branson’s variety of cheap places to crash, including motels and vacation rentals, makes it a fab spot for an affordable weekend jaunt.

11. Art-Focused Escape in Grand Center

In the heart of St. Louis, Grand Center, the city’s top arts neighborhood, offers an economical escape for those who love culture. Catch free gallery openings, catch a theater show on the cheap, or drop by the Contemporary Art Museum without burning a hole in your pocket. Dining options that are kind to your wallet abound, and the city has plenty of cost-cutting places to sleep to ensure your stay doesn’t break the bank.

12. Fishing and Boating at Bull Shoals Lake

Fishing and boating fans looking for a cost-effective weekend on the water can set off to Bull Shoals Lake. The lake’s many marinas let you rent a boat for the day without a steep price tag. Plus, the surrounding parks are a free ticket to hiking and spotting wildlife. Sleep options around Bull Shoals Lake, from campsites to motels, are accessible and keep your getaway in the affordable zone.

13. Tranquility in Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Discover the unique settings of Ha Ha Tonka State Park, where you can come in for free. Check out the park’s natural springs, caves, and the remains of a stone castle with views of the Lake of the Ozarks. Fun stuff like hiking, having picnics, and watching birds are all wallet-friendly activities available. There are lots of low-priced sleep spots nearby, from campgrounds to inns, that offer a worry-free stay without a hefty price tag.

14. Equestrian Adventures in Eminence

Eminence is famous for its horseback riding paths, also an affordable way to take in Missouri’s natural wonders. Horse rentals and guided rides are available at great rates, and the small town itself offers heaps of cheap fun. Local guest ranches and lodges welcome budget-watchers with a rustic and low-cost stay. With rivers and springs close by, more budget-friendly adventures are just around the corner.

15. Cozy Stay in Cottleville

Cottleville is a charming community that offers a wallet-friendly getaway with its snug digs and friendly atmosphere. Wandering the historic downtown unveils plenty of thrifty dining and shopping spots. Parks and trails close by give you a free way to soak up nature. The homey bed and breakfasts here offer comfortable lodgings full of personality for your Missouri weekend without a big price tag.

FAQ #1: What is the best time of year to enjoy inexpensive weekend getaways in Missouri?

The shoulder seasons — spring and fall — are typically the best times to enjoy thrifty weekend escapes in Missouri. You can bask in the mild weather, beat the crowds, and grab better deals on places to stay and things to do.

FAQ #2: Are there any hidden costs to watch out for when planning a budget-friendly weekend in Missouri?

Make sure to look out for extra costs like resort fees, parking, or entrance fees for certain activities when planning your budget weekend. But generally, Missouri is known for being affordable, with many activities and sights free or at a low cost.

FAQ #3: Can I find inexpensive weekend getaways in Missouri that are family-friendly?

Yes! Missouri is full of spots perfect for families that won’t make you spend a lot. State parks, lakes, and historical towns have loads of fun for kids and grown-ups alike, often free or for just a little cash.

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