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15 Best Last Minute Weekend Getaways from Atlanta 2024 (That Are Unforgettable)

by Ethan
15 Best Last Minute Weekend Getaways from Atlanta 2024 (That Are Unforgettable)

Get away from the city’s noise and dive into an unexpected journey! Atlanta, bustling with history, a thriving economy, and a colorful arts scene, is also the perfect starting point for those itching to take off on a spur-of-the-moment weekend adventure. Whether you long for silent mountain peaks, sunny beach days, or a slice of the simple countryside lifestyle, areas around Atlanta are bursting with opportunities for last-minute weekend getaways. Let’s check out 15 amazing places for an on-the-fly trip from Atlanta in 2024.

1. The Serene Blue Ridge Mountains

Just two hours north of Atlanta, the Blue Ridge Mountains call out with their towering tops and green woods. It’s a dream place for those wanting peace away from the city grind. Fill your days trekking through beautiful pathways like the Appalachian Trail or discover quaint mountain towns filled with local crafts and warm food spots. You can also ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway for a cool way to see the mountains up close.

2. Picturesque Savannah

Head four hours southeast of Atlanta, and you’ll land in the olden-day beauty of Savannah. Known for its age-old buildings, streets lined with grand oaks and Spanish moss, and a friendly riverfront, Savannah is the perfect spot for a last-minute weekend getaway from Atlanta. Roam the stone streets, unwind in the city parks, and step back into stories from revolutionary times to the fight for civil rights.

3. The Scenic Callaway Gardens

Just over an hour southwest of Atlanta, Callaway Gardens opens up a world of more than 2,500 acres of gardens and woodlands in Pine Mountain. Nature fans will love the butterfly house, huge flower beds, and loads of outdoor fun like golf, biking, and flying on zip lines. Whether you’re up for chilling all day or an energizing adventure, Callaway Gardens welcomes everyone.

4. Historic Charleston Getaway

Less than a five-hour trip from Atlanta, you’ll enter Charleston, South Carolina, with its old-time charm and ocean-side elegance—a breath of fresh air from hectic city vibes. Walk the waterfront Battery, visit Fort Sumter where the Civil War sparked, or enjoy some of the tastiest seafood around. This beach town mixes deep history with today’s comforts, making it a superb choice for a last-minute romantic weekend or a journey of discovery on your own.

5. The Bustling Asheville Scene

About three and a half hours from Atlanta, Asheville, North Carolina, awaits with its artsy downtown and the famous Biltmore Estate. Art buffs and food lovers will be in heaven with Asheville’s cool art spots and fresh farm-to-fork eateries. And the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains present endless hiking paths and postcard-pretty views, so Asheville’s a place that has it all.

6. The Coastal Splendor of Hilton Head

If the ocean’s call tugs at your heart, then make your way to Hilton Head, around four hours from Atlanta. Home to top-notch golf courses, spotless beaches, and tons of water sports, Hilton Head entices every kind of explorer. Ride a bike by the shore as the sun rises, laze on the beach for some tan time, or watch dolphins on a boat ride.

7. Lake Lanier’s Waterfront Retreat

Only an hour from the big city, Lake Lanier is a splashy paradise with more than 700 miles of shoreline waiting for you. This watery wonderland is Atlanta’s go-to for boating, fishing, or lounging at a cottage by the lake. Lake Lanier Islands Resort is also there with loads of places to stay and fun for the whole family.

8. The Quaint City of Athens

An easy hour and a half from Atlanta, Athens isn’t just where the University of Georgia sits; it’s alive with culture and tunes. You can chill in a historic coffee spot or catch a late-night indie show. Specialty stores and fun events like art fairs make Athens an excellent pick for a chill weekend away.

9. The Exciting Tennessee Capital: Nashville

A four-hour ride northwest from Atlanta gets you to Nashville, a hub of music, history, and friendly vibes. As the heartland of country tunes, you can pop into the Country Music Hall of Fame or experience a live show at the Grand Ole Opry. But Nashville’s not just about the music—it’s also a place to dive into an awesome food scene or have a quiet riverside walk.

10. The Maritime Atmosphere of Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island, a five-hour trip from Atlanta, has the perfect seaside peacefulness. With spots steeped in history like the Jekyll Island Club and untouched beaches, this island offers a calm retreat. Discover places like Driftwood Beach and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for relaxing and mind-opening experiences.

11. The Mountain Town of Dahlonega

A short trip under two hours from Atlanta, Dahlonega sits at the base of the North Georgia Mountains, seeped in Gold Rush tales. This mountain spot has underground caves like the Consolidated Gold Mine, winery tours, and a charming downtown perfect for gentle walks and treasure hunting in antique shops.

12. The Historical Resort Town of Eufaula

Just over a two-hour drive and you’re in Eufaula, Alabama, sparkling with lakeside fun and old mansions. This town oozes Southern charm and has breathtaking buildings like the Shorter Mansion. Take a leisurely tour of its old homes or cast a line into Lake Eufaula for a relaxing day out.

13. The Radiant Gardens of Macon

Macon, about an hour and a half south of Atlanta, shines with its Cherry Blossom Festival and storied spots. Visitors can soak up the sight of blooming trees or dive into musical history at the Allman Brothers Band Museum. The city’s lively spirit shows through its historic houses and galleries.

14. The Smoky Mountains of Chattanooga

Two hours of scenic driving from Atlanta leads to Chattanooga, Tennessee, which frames beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains with attractions like the legendary Chattanooga Choo Choo. Nature fans can climb the trails of Lookout Mountain or find the hidden waterfall at Ruby Falls, while those who love city life can check out unique shops and cafes in the bustling town center.

15. The Old-World Charm of Greenville

A journey less than three hours from Atlanta brings you to Greenville, South Carolina, a blend of timeless charm and new excitement. Take a leisurely walk on the prize-winning Main Street, cross the Liberty Bridge at Falls Park, or catch a show at the Peace Center. Greenville’s energetic arts and creative food scene mean there’s something different for every visitor to try.


What types of weekend escapes can you find near Atlanta?

Close to Atlanta, you’ll find a bunch of escapes, from quiet mountain hideaways and historic places, to beach trips and city expeditions. They’re perfect for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, folks who love food, and anyone wanting to chill by the water.

How close are these places to escape from Atlanta?

Most of these last-minute getaway spots are between a one and five-hour drive from Atlanta, so they’re super easy to reach for weekend-away fun without lots of planning.

Can families have a good time at these destinations?

Yes, plenty of these places welcome families, with stuff to do and places to stay for grownups and kids alike. But always check out the attractions in advance for any rules about age or height limits.

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