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15 Best Romantic Getaways in Atlanta for 2024: Unforgettable Escapes

by Ethan
15 Best Romantic Getaways in Atlanta for 2024: Unforgettable Escapes

Looking to spark some romance without traveling too far from Georgia’s buzzing hub? Atlanta’s got you covered! From dreamy escapes to memory-making spots, Atlanta is packed with places where love blooms non-stop. Whether you’re celebrating years together, enjoying a honeymoon, or just diving into a romantic weekend, come see where love hangs out in Atlanta.

1. Luxurious Comfort at The St. Regis Atlanta

Treat yourselves to the ultimate pampering at The St. Regis Atlanta in the swanky Buckhead area. This top-notch hotel serves up rooms that whisper sweet nothings, plush beds, and a butler to meet your every need. A walk in the perfectly groomed garden or a cozy evening by the fire pit outside can transform your stay into one of the most heart-fluttering romantic getaways in Atlanta.

2. Chateau Elan Winery & Resort

Wine lovers, take note! Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, a short trip from the city, is all about those love vibes. Wander the vineyards, sip on fine wines, and feast in their top-notch eateries. The grand rooms await you and your sweetheart, setting the scene for a posh and passionate stay.

3. Old-World Charm at The Georgian Terrace

Step into history at The Georgian Terrace, where romance has been in the air since 1911. This gorgeous hotel’s balconies offer dazzling views for a dreamy night in. Right next to the Fox Theatre, it’s the perfect place to cap off an evening with a touch of drama and charm.

4. Secluded Retreats at Stonehurst Place

In Midtown, the boutique Stonehurst Place awaits with open arms for couples. Think of a luxury bed and breakfast with all the quiet you’d want. It’s a lovingly redone place that gives you a cozy, personal nook for two—ideal for a retreat with your special someone.

5. Romantic Walks at Piedmont Park

Nature buffs will adore a day trip to Piedmont Park, Atlanta’s very own green haven. With trails winding by Lake Clara Meer and plenty of lawn for a romantic picnic, it’s a brilliant pick for daytime lovebirds looking to bask in the sun and each other’s company.

6. Skyline Views at SKYVIEW Atlanta

Get your hearts racing on the SkyView Ferris wheel. Cozy up in a gondola and soar above Centennial Park, gazing out over Atlanta’s twinkling skyline. It’s a fun, high-flying way to scoop up some panoramic cuddles and make your time in Atlanta really shine.

7. Sophistication at The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta

Soak in sophistication at The Ritz-Carlton, in downtown Atlanta. Swoon over the upscale vibe, pamper yourselves with a couple’s spa day, dine in elegance, and then return to a room that defines romance—with all the frills.

8. Cozy Vibes at The Gaslight Inn

Enjoy the homely charm of The Gaslight Inn, nestled in the quaint Grant Park neighborhood. Steps away from the park and the zoo, this B&B offers delightful rooms that make you feel cuddled up and utterly smitten.

9. Artistic Flair at Hotel Indigo

Art and design fans will find their beat at Hotel Indigo in Midtown. Opposite the Fox Theatre, it’s a splash of creativity with themed rooms, and the perfect spot for a cultured dinner for two.

10. Garden Romance at Barnsley Resort

A bit out of the hustle, but oh-so worth it, Barnsley Resort is a natural wonderland for lovebirds. Stroll through captivating gardens, melt away stress in the spa, and snuggle by the fire in cozy cottages—a true fairy tale setting.

11. Waterside Bliss at Lake Lanier

Peace seekers will hit jackpot at Lake Lanier, with lakeside spots where the vibe is all about making waves together. Top off an awesome lakeside day with a sunset cruise that’ll make you fall for each other all over again.

12. Atlanta Botanical Garden

A botanical journey awaits at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The garden sets the stage for enchanting walks among blooms and hosts special evenings that glow with candlelight, perfect for that extra touch of romance.

13. Serenity at The Whitley

In buzzy Buckhead, The Whitley promises a tranquil retreat. Retreat to a room with a peaceful view and say yes to a couple’s massage that melts away the world outside, leaving nothing but the two of you.

14. Boutique Charm at The Glenn Hotel

Those into boutique glam will adore The Glenn Hotel downtown. It’s small-scale luxury with rooftop cocktails at SkyLounge, where you and your love can sip and swirl to dazzling city vistas.

15. In-City Oasis at Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental stands out as a haven of finesse dotted right in Atlanta. Dive into their posh pool, take it easy in the spa, and savor balcony privacy with city lights as your backdrop—pure bliss for you and your partner.


What makes Atlanta a good destination for a romantic getaway?
Atlanta’s blend of sharp city life and Southern sweetness sets the mood for couples craving a buffet of experiences. From plush places to stay, picturesque parks, fancy restaurants, to artsy attractions—it’s got all the spices for a loving trip.

Are there any romantic activities to do in Atlanta during the evening?
Sure thing! Atlanta’s nightlife is hopping with cool rooftop spots like the SkyLounge, groovy gigs, shows at the Fox Theatre, and moonlit garden strolls, making for some real dreamy evenings.

Can I find romantic getaways in Atlanta that are also budget-friendly?
Absolutely! Atlanta’s fitted with lots of romantic spots that don’t break the bank. You can wander Piedmont Park, hop on the SkyView Ferris wheel, or find a snug B&B like The Gaslight Inn to snuggle up without splurging.

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