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15 Outstanding Romantic Getaways in Maine with Jacuzzi 2024

by Ethan
15 Outstanding Romantic Getaways in Maine with Jacuzzi 2024

Slip away into a peaceful and loving world when you step into Maine. This state is famous for its gorgeous coast, hidden woods, and quaint New England feel. If it’s your anniversary, you’re dreaming up the perfect honeymoon, or you just want to spark some romance with your other half, Maine’s beautiful scenery is the perfect place. And to make your time even more special, picture unwinding at the end of each day in the toasty, bubbling waters of a jacuzzi just for you two. Our list of romantic getaways in Maine with jacuzzi is all about showing you the top spots to build amazing memories with your sweetheart in 2024.

1. Coastal Haven: Lighthouse Lookout B&B with Ocean-View Jacuzzi

Wake up to the soft hum of the waves and a fresh ocean breeze at a cozy bed and breakfast that gives you an awesome view of a Maine lighthouse. At Lighthouse Lookout B&B, couples get to chill in their own jacuzzi, looking out at the vast Atlantic. Each snug suite is made just for two, with special touches and decor that bring out Maine’s seaside vibe. The jacuzzi is just the right spot for the nicest views and makes sure your escape is both relaxing and lovey-dovey.

2. Mountain Retreat: Summit Lodge with Panoramic Views and Jacuzzi

For lovebirds who are all about the grand mountains, Summit Lodge is a sweet spot hidden in Maine’s high peaks. Here, fancy suites with big windows let you see the whole breathtaking wild around you. Their big jacuzzi is perfect for unwinding and watching the stars once you’ve spent the day exploring or hitting the slopes. Every piece of Summit Lodge celebrates Maine’s wild side while giving a cozy haven for couples.

3. Secluded Hideaway: Forest Whisper Cabin with Private Deck Jacuzzi

Tucked away in Maine’s whispery pine woods, Forest Whisper Cabin offers a secret spot perfect for couples who want their own space and to be close to nature. This cabin has a roomy deck with its own jacuzzi that fits right in with the trees. The hush of the forest and the soft bubble of the jacuzzi mix to make a calm spot where couples can hang out without any interruptions.

4. Historic Elegance: Victorian Manor with Antique-Style Jacuzzi

Step into the past and enjoy the fancy feel of olden times at a Victorian Manor with beautifully redone rooms and an old-fashioned jacuzzi. Couples get whisked away to a world full of classy romance. The stone-carved jacuzzi, set by stained glass windows, adds a hint of history to your romantic break.

5. Harborfront Luxury: Marina Inn with Infinity Jacuzzi and Views

Nestled right by the busy harbor, Marina Inn has a special romantic getaway with amazing water views and an infinity jacuzzi that blends into the ocean. You can watch boats and the sunset’s colors right from your jacuzzi. The inn’s suites are super comfy and make a quiet place for couples to share sweet moments.

6. Winery Estate: Vineyard Villa with Jacuzzi Among the Grapevines

Couples who love a good glass of wine and lovely sights will adore the Vineyard Villa. Each room has a jacuzzi that looks out over rows of grapevines. Imagine drinking some local wine while you’re in a jacuzzi surrounded by the peaceful vineyard. This tranquil and romantic spot is perfect for an unforgettable trip.

7. Island Oasis: Seaside Bungalow with Private Jacuzzi on the Beach

On a quiet island off Maine’s coast, there’s a private seaside bungalow waiting for you. Perfect for couples who want an ocean hideaway, this bungalow comes with a cute jacuzzi on a wooden deck with direct beach access. Soak in your own oasis to the soundtrack of waves and seagulls, where the water’s edge meets luxury.

8. Urban Escape: City Penthouse with Skyline Jacuzzi

Explore a city twist to romantic getaways with a stay in a city penthouse featuring a jacuzzi with skyline views. This place mixes modern fancy with city buzz, so couples can see the busy streets and night lights while relaxing in their own private corner. Daytime adventures in the city lead to nighttime chilling in your special jacuzzi with a view.

9. Lakeside Serenity: Waterfront Lodge with Jacuzzi Overlooking the Lake

Waterfront Lodge gives you a peaceful lake spot, with rooms that have big jacuzzis looking over calm waters. It’s just the place for couples who love being by water, giving you quiet and space that makes romance even better. The soft splash of the lake sets a soothing tone for a relaxing soak together.

10. Garden Suite: Countryside Retreat with Jacuzzi Surrounded by Blooms

Couples who dig plants will be charmed by the Countryside Retreat, where you get a suite with a jacuzzi cuddled by colorful gardens. As you relax in the warm water, surrounded by flowers and nature’s fragrances, you’ll find a deeply romantic vibe that’s one of a kind.

11. Rustic Romance: Log Cabin Luxury with Jacuzzi by the Fireplace

Feel the warmth of classic charm at a luxe log cabin with a crackling fireplace next to a snug jacuzzi. This is the perfect spot for cozy nights where couples can enjoy the sound of the fire and the jacuzzi’s comforting waters, making memories in a true Maine setting.

12. Artistic Abode: Gallery Guesthouse with Creative Jacuzzi Experience

For couples into art and being unique, the Gallery Guesthouse gives you a stay that’s different from all others. Alongside cool local art, you’ll find suites with jacuzzis that are artworks themselves. Jump into the artsy experience of bathing in a jacuzzi that local artists have made, showing off Maine’s creative vibe.

13. Cliffside Perch: Ocean Cliff Villa with Jacuzzi Overlooking the Cliffs

The Ocean Cliff Villa sits high on Maine’s rocky cliffs and gives a jacuzzi view that’ll take your breath away. With jacuzzis on terraces that stick out over the sea, couples can soak in the dramatic strength of the Atlantic from the most loving seat around.

14. Farmhouse Fantasy: Agritourism Estate with Barn Jacuzzi

Engage in a farm-fresh romance at an estate where an old barn turned into a spa-like jacuzzi spot. Mixing the barn’s rustic feel with the luxury of a jacuzzi makes a sweet and down-to-earth vibe for lovebirds.

15. Winter Wonderland: Alpine Chalet with Snowy Jacuzzi Soaks

Couples who like it cool can pick an Alpine Chalet, where you can dip into the jacuzzi surrounded by snowy scenes. The mix of chilly air and hot water is exciting and helps couples bond, all while enjoying Maine’s snowy charm when it’s cold.


What should I bring for a romantic getaway in Maine with a jacuzzi?

Pack comfy swim gear for the jacuzzi, cozy clothes or robes, outdoor wear for Maine’s weather, and anything special you want to add some romance, like candles or a playlist with your best tunes.

Are these getaways great for all seasons?

Yep, romantic getaways in Maine with a jacuzzi are fab all year. Many places, like resorts and B&Bs, have climate control in their jacuzzi suites, making sure you’re comfy no matter if it’s hot summer or snowy winter.

Can I bring pets to these romantic places?

A bunch of these romantic spots with jacuzzis in Maine are cool with pets, but you should check with the place before you book since each one has its own rules about furry pals. Always call ahead for a smooth stay with your pet buddy.

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