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15 Best Romantic Getaways in Maryland with Hot Tub 2024 (Must-Visit)

by Ethan
15 Best Romantic Getaways in Maryland with Hot Tub 2024 (Must-Visit)

Are you and your sweetheart searching for an enchanting escape that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from home? Maryland is brimming with love-filled hideouts, each spruced up with the luxury of a steamy hot tub. Picture you and your love soaking under the twinkling stars or easing tired muscles after a day of exploration, all from the bubbly comfort of your own private haven. Plunge into our handpicked selection of the 15 best romantic getaways in Maryland with a hot tub that are guaranteed to reignite the spark of love in 2024.

1. Secluded Mountain Lodge in Western Maryland

Tucked away in the gentle hills of Western Maryland, a secluded mountain lodge awaits lovebirds looking for peace and romance. Each cabin comes with its own hot tub, perfect for steeping in the quiet of the wilderness. By daylight, hit the nearby trails, and when evening falls, cuddle up by your cabin’s inviting fireplace. This retreat’s soothing vibe and intimate feel are just right for treasuring those special moments together.

2. Chesapeake Bay Waterfront Retreat

Dream of waking up to the calming sounds of waves softly caressing the shore. This retreat by the Chesapeake Bay offers that dream, with the added perk of a hot tub facing out over the bay. Every suite is crafted for supreme comfort and privacy. Spend your day playing water games or touring historical spots, then melt into the warm bubbles of your own hot tub under a blanket of stars.

3. Luxury High-rise with Cityscape Views

If you’re magnetized by city life, a luxury high-rise in Baltimore marries the thrill of the urban with intimate getaways. The balcony hot tub serves up stunning views of the cityscape, perfect for lovebirds who enjoy nights sparkling with city lights. During the day, discover the colorful streets, and come nightfall, escape to your private, sky-kissing nook to dissolve the day’s bustle.

4. Cozy Beachfront Bungalow on the Eastern Shore

Flee to the scenic Eastern Shore where a snug beachfront bungalow greets you with open arms. Steps from the sand, this touch of paradise spoils you with a hot tub looking out to sea. The secluded setting is made for strolls on the beach and nights filled with the lull of waves.

5. Romantic Countryside Farmhouse

Nestled among lush fields, this romantic farmhouse is drenched in old-timey charm. Tucked in the garden, a hot tub gives you a front-row seat to breathtaking country views. Inside, antique decor meets modern perks for a getaway that feels timeless. Wander to local wineries by day, and at night, descend into your hidden dip under the heavens.

6. Historic Manor with Natural Spring Hot Tub

Dive into Maryland’s deep history with a stay in a lovingly kept manor. Edged by rich gardens, it boasts a hot tub fed by a natural spring. Soak in silence, wrapped in history’s grandeur. History lovers and fans of a quaint touch will find their match in this romantic excursion.

7. Boutique Inn in Annapolis with Harbor Views

For a getaway steeped in nautical charm, pick a boutique inn in the heart of Annapolis. With a hot tub overseeing the lively harbor from your balcony, it’s a fabulous place to unwind after a day exploring the city’s historic roads and naval wonders. It captures the romantic heart of Annapolis with its intimate air and pretty scenes.

8. Treehouse Bungalow with Treetop Hot Tub

Ever imagined a getaway high in a treehouse? Turn that dream into reality with a bungalow nestled in the forest canopy. The hidden hot tub up in the trees adds an element of adventure to your lovely refuge. Daytime means forest journeys, while evenings invite you up to your leafy escape for a steamy soak among the branches.

9. Waterfront Villa with Infinity Hot Tub

Indulge in a luxurious waterfront villa, complete with an infinity hot tub that appears to merge seamlessly with the horizon. Elegant decor and top-tier features guarantee a plush escape. Spend the day cruising the local waters, then slip into a hot tub that meets the sky, signaling the end to a perfect day.

10. Stylish Loft in the Historic District

This trendy loft sits in Maryland’s historic district, blending sleek city style with snug touches. Find solace and unwind in the personal hot tub, a sanctuary amidst the city’s heartbeat. Soak up the lively daytime atmosphere, then retreat to your urbane haven when the sun sets.

11. Lakeside Log Cabin with Panoramic Views

A lakeside log cabin offering sweeping vistas is the perfect blend of woodland charm and up-to-date perks. From your hot tub, gaze out over the mirror-like lake. Enjoy lakeside walks and water fun, then later, let the balmy waters of your tub quiet the world around you.

12. Vineyard Villa with Private Spa

Hidden among the vine rows, a vineyard villa casts the spell of romance. Revel in the exclusive spa, which includes a hot tub, surrounded by grapes. Taste the vineyard’s bounty and immerse yourself in the silent allure of country evenings.

13. Coastal Cottage with Rooftop Hot Tub

A coastal cottage stay means a rooftop hot tub unlike any other. By day, soak in expansive seascapes, and by night, slip into a heated bubble bath under the tapestry of twinkling stars. This retreat is all about simple seaside living with an added dash of opulence on your private roof.

14. Artistic B&B with Garden Hot Tub

An artistic B&B sprinkled with local art is the perfect nest for creatively inclined couples. A hot tub nestled among bright flowers provides a tranquil spot to unwind. The B&B’s inventive vibe and close quarters foster a place where affection and art bloom together.

15. Mountain View Chalet with Jetted Hot Tub

Positioned among the peaks, a chalet offers dramatic scenery and a jetted hot tub crafted for the peak of relaxation. Savor scenic drives and awe-inspiring lookouts before melting into the effervescent embrace of your private hot tub. It’s an idyllic spot for pairs who adore mountain magnificence and cherish their cozy mountain retreat.


Q1: What is the best time of year to enjoy romantic getaways in Maryland with a hot tub?

A1: Maryland is delightful all year, but the fall and spring months are often favored for romantic trips, as the weather is just right for both outdoor fun and snug hot tub evenings.

Q2: Are these getaways fitting for anniversary celebrations?

A2: Definitely! These romantic getaways in Maryland with a hot tub offer a variety of atmospheres perfect for marking anniversaries, whether you want quiet country vibes or city excitement.

Q3: Can I count on privacy in these romantic getaways with hot tubs?

A3: Indeed, these spots are chosen for their private and snug settings. Many have hidden hot tubs to make sure couples can enjoy uninterrupted time together.

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