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15 Best Romantic Getaways in New Hampshire 2024 – Luxe Retreats & Spas

by Ethan
15 Best Romantic Getaways in New Hampshire 2024 - Luxe Retreats & Spas

Embedded in the wilds of New England, New Hampshire beckons sweethearts with its dream-like spots perfect for igniting romance. Whether it’s the peaceful White Mountains, the alluring lakes, or the cozy little towns, New Hampshire’s magic pulls at the hearts of those seeking to deepen their bond. If you’re plotting a cherished time away with your loved one, let’s dive into the 15 top romantic escapes in New Hampshire for 2024, boasting plush hideaways and heavenly spas designed to create lasting memories.

1. Swanky Mountain Retreat at Omni Mount Washington Resort

The Omni Mount Washington Resort is a legendary haven where opulence meets the untamed. Surrounded by the towering White Mountains, this grand old hotel is the ultimate lover’s nook with its impressive design and authentic New England allure. Pairs can nestle in luxurious chambers, feast at top-tier eateries, and savor couple’s spoils at the in-house spa. The resort also teems with outdoor frolics for every season—from skiing to trail blazing—putting adventure right at your doorstep.

2. Hidden Cottage Haven at The Manor on Golden Pond

Gazing over peaceful Squam Lake, The Manor on Golden Pond whispers seclusion with its private cottages. This intimate inn breathes romance into the air. With its own spa, the Manor is an oasis for unwinding. As twilight arrives, witness the sky blush over the water, casting a spellbinding mood. The on-site dining champion turns every bite into a love-filled affair.

3. Lakeside Calm at Church Landing at Mill Falls

Church Landing at Mill Falls, cradled by the shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee, is a love-struck refuge. The inn’s crafty grace, paired with the awe-inspiring lake vistas, set a scene of stillness. Dive into the indoor/outdoor pools or pamper yourselves with a side-by-side massage. Endless romantic pursuits await by the lake, like moonlit boat rides, securing its place as a treasured sanctuary for couples.

4. Foodie Paradise at The Bedford Village Inn

For lovers who relish exquisite eats, The Bedford Village Inn serves up a top-notch dining adventure. Housed in a timeless farmhouse, this lavish boutique hotel sets a refined yet down-home stage. Its restaurant dishes out mouth-watering creations, a flawless match to the sweeping wine selections. Post-meal, wander the enchanting gardens or unwind forth the open-air fire.

5. Spa Mecca at Wentworth by the Sea

Wentworth by the Sea melds seafront tranquility with spa indulgence. On New Castle’s coastline, this splendid hotel offers up awe-inspiring sea views and ornate quarters. Specializing in pair-specific treatments, the hotel’s spa beckons those after calm and renewal. With diverse dining spots and coastal charms to explore, Wentworth by the Sea frames an ideal ocean-edged romantic interlude.

6. Personal Hideout at Stonehurst Manor

Stonehurst Manor, secreted away in North Conway, provides a private escape with its select rooms and forest surroundings. The Manor’s tasteful décor and welcoming glow pave the way for a peaceful getaway. Traverse the leafy trails or dine at the acclaimed restaurant, where romance melds with woodsy sophistication.

7. Quaint Coastal Respite at The Hotel Portsmouth

In the core of historic Portsmouth, The Hotel Portsmouth stands as an emblem of charm and poise. Nestled within a revived Victorian mansion, this boutique hotel showcases uniquely styled rooms and committed services for an unforgettable visit. Lovers can roam the lively town, with its boutique shops and galleries or stroll hand in hand by the scenic harbor.

8. Scenic Majesty at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

Crowning a gentle slope, the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa unveils wide-ranging vistas of the White Mountains. Rich in history since 1865, the resort merges age-old magnetism with current-day comforts. Couples can delight in outdoor pastimes or seek refuge in the celebrated spa, known for its wide array of wellness offerings. As dusk envelopes the resort, plush dining and stargazing beckon for a night to remember.

9. Woodland Haven at The Darby Field Inn

Nestled within the Conway wilderness, The Darby Field Inn offers a private pocket for those craving quietude. This charming B&B features snug lodging and tempting meals. Encircled by nature’s bounty, guests can stride into the forest for exploration or enjoy the inn’s picturesque gardens and communal nooks.

10. Time-honored Amour at The Exeter Inn

Rooted in 1932, The Exeter Inn exudes historical splendor in the quintessential town of Exeter. Each chamber is decorated with affection, nodding to the Inn’s storied past. An in-house eatery sparks a lovebird ambiance, while Exeter’s streets invite couples for ambling strolls, discovering shops and local lore.

11. Riverside Refinement at The Inn at Mill Falls

With views of Meredith Bay, The Inn at Mill Falls pairs countryside allure with up-to-the-minute ease. The reimagined 19th-century linen mill, complete with its own cascading water, crafts an unmatched scene for romance. Take pleasure in the indoor pool, gather around the outdoor blaze, or engage in aquatic adventures on the lake for delights both still and spirited.

12. Peaceful Sojourn at Chesterfield Inn

Tucked in the Connecticut River Valley, Chesterfield Inn is a sanctuary of serenity. This enchanting B&B offers lush gardens and inviting chambers, crafting an environment ripe for lovers in need of solitude. The Inn’s dining spot presents cozy farm-to-fork fare, and with the river close by, scenic walks and paddling journeys become perfect complements to this sweet retreat.

13. Snug Mountain Lodge at Bear Mountain Lodge

Perched in Bethlehem, Bear Mountain Lodge offers a snug, nature-wrapped stay amidst the White Mountains. The log-built lodge features romantically themed rooms and outdoor spas for starlit soaks. With scenic drives and trails accessible, Bear Mountain Lodge is a prime spot for joint ventures into New Hampshire’s splendor.

14. Continental Flair at The Manor on Golden Pond

Step back into The Manor on Golden Pond, where continental influence twinkles through this pastoral inn. Its British-style library, manicured landscapes, and stylish accommodations present a refreshing choice for pairs desiring a touch of Europe with the geniality of New Hampshire.

15. Shoreline Sanctuary at The Tides Beach Club

For those drawn to the allure of the Atlantic coast, The Tides Beach Club in Kennebunkport offers a sleek oceanfront hideaway. Couples can bask in the blend of modern yet timeless design, savoring seaside dishes at the eatery and ambling along the beachfront. A mix of upscale touches and sea views solidify this as the pinnacle spot for a swanky coastal journey.


**When is the prime time to swing by New Hampshire for a romantic trip?**

New Hampshire shines in all seasons, but romantics often opt for fall with its fiery leaves, winter for snuggly fireside snuggles with snow fun, or summer for beachside pleasure and alfresco dining. Although spring might be soft and muddy, it brings forth sprouting scenery with fewer crowds around.

**Does New Hampshire offer adult-only locations for a romantic outing?**

Indeed, New Hampshire is home to adult-only resorts providing couples a kid-free zone to savor some quietness. Look for ‘adults-only’ in the description of some spots if you’re searching for an undisturbed romantic retreat.

**Can romantic getaways in New Hampshire accommodate special events like anniversaries or proposals?**

Absolutely! Loads of places in New Hampshire are tailored to make life’s milestones like anniversaries or proposals extra special. It’s wise to touch base with your destination ahead of time to sort out any specific touches or surprises so that your precious moment unfolds just as you dream it would.

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