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15 Best Romantic Getaways in Utah 2024: Award-Winning Retreats

by Ethan
15 Best Romantic Getaways in Utah 2024: Award-Winning Retreats

Utah, bursting with breathtaking outdoor wonders and peaceful scenery, is the ultimate canvas for lovers seeking a getaway tinged with romance. From luxurious mountain hideaways to snug bed-and-breakfasts, there’s no shortage of spots to fan the flames of love beneath Utah’s sprawling skies. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover some of the most enchanting romantic getaways in Utah, with adventures that swing from thrill-seeking to blissfully serene.

1. Amangiri, Canyon Point

Amangiri at Canyon Point is a sanctuary of opulence and privacy. Tucked within Southern Utah’s jagged cliffs, the resort merges seamlessly with the captivating landscape, creating a hideaway just for couples. Its suites boast spellbinding views, personal pools, and terraces that appear to hover over the earth. For memories that will last a lifetime, arrange a private dinner beneath the twinkling sky or a couples’ spa session framed by majestic rocks.

2. Sundance Mountain Resort

Sundance Mountain Resort, a brainchild of Robert Redford, wraps you up in a quaint mountain haven. The cabins are the perfect blend of rustic charm and elegance, with crackling stone fireplaces and hand-crafted details that mirror the wild outdoors. Romantic moments peak with evening ski lift rides, cozy art workshops, or a warm soak in your personal hot tub as snowflakes gently fall. For couples that adore nature’s artistry, this retreat is a dream.

3. Montage Deer Valley, Park City

The Montage Deer Valley in Park City is a bastion of splendor and alpine chic. They’ve thought through every detail to pamper duos in love, from the lavish furniture and sweeping mountain panoramas to the five-star wellness haven and scrumptious eateries. Following a snowy adventure, snuggle up by the fire pit sipping rich wine or return to your chamber where a deep, warm bath awaits—here, every second is a chance to make a cherished memory.

4. The Lodge at Blue Sky, Wanship

The Lodge at Blue Sky sprawls over a 3,500-acre ranch in Wanship, carving out the ideal secret retreat. Lavish rooms pair with undertakings that bond couples with the natural world—and each other. Engage in special activities like equestrian skills or river fishing. The quiet of this spot, together with organic eats and soothing spa visits, weaves an atmosphere ripe for romance to bloom.

5. Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa, Moab

Near the thrill-filled city of Moab, Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa marries rustic allure with swanky comforts. Lovers can revel in secluded riverside cabins, massages with earthy river rocks, or trotting on horseback across beautiful vistas. The magical river backdrop makes it a breeze to fall hard all over again while immersed in nature’s gentle concert.

6. Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley

Stein Eriksen Lodge is a European-style mountain stronghold delivering a posh Deer Valley getaway. Its unrivaled Forbes Five-Star service includes everything from skiing right out the door to lavish spa pampering and exceptional dining moments. Couples can thaw out together in plush rooms featuring welcoming fireplaces and awe-inspiring views—an ideal nook for a frosty romance.

7. The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City

Amid Salt Lake City bustle, The Grand America Hotel shines with grandeur. With opulent European décor, finely wrought furniture, and a spa that waits on you hand and foot, it’s a treasure trove for couples. Wander the city by day, then bubble up in a bath or sweeten the evening with chocolate-strawberries in the splendor of your room, crafting a night flush with city-side romance.

8. Red Mountain Resort, Ivins

Red Mountain Resort in Ivins is an oasis in the desert crafted for health-minded pairs. Engage in daily wellbeing activities, savor nutritious dishes, and hike stunning trails for a close-knit experience. The intimate villas serve as calm havens with awe-striking views where love can unfold amid the broad crimson landscapes.

9. Castle Creek Inn, Salt Lake City

If a storybook romance is what you’re after, Castle Creek Inn in Salt Lake City is your spot. Each room bursts with its own theme, setting the stage for lovers to select their preferred romantic scene. Whirlpool tubs, warm fireplaces, and breakfast in bed heighten the quaint charm, wrapping you in a romantic world.

10. The Cliff Lodge, Snowbird

The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird sprinkles a dash of alpine magic for those who adore shared thrills. Stationed in Little Cottonwood Canyon, it gifts couples with phenomenal mountain sights and all-season sports fun. Cap your lively day by unwinding in opulent rooms or a spa on the rooftop—where slipping into a bubbly tub under the stars is the ultimate evening treat.

11. Conestoga Ranch, Garden City

Conestoga Ranch in Garden City embroiders romance with quaint, countrified appeal. This high-end campsite showcases grand tents and pioneer wagons decked out with all the comforts of a hotel. Snuggling by a campfire or star-gazing from your tent stirs an old-school charm, far from the noise of everyday life.

12. Zermatt Utah Resort & Spa, Midway

Zermatt Utah Resort & Spa, Midway’s tribute to European mountain villages, oozes enchantment. Between its traditional architecture, snug rooms, top-notch spa, and fine dining, it dishes out a little slice of Switzerland in Utah. Unwind in a geothermal spring or take in the scenery on a horse-drawn carriage—this place spells love in several languages.

13. Hines Mansion, Provo

Hines Mansion in Provo is a Victorian gem that whispers tales of the olden times. Ornate rooms feature double jetted tubs—sanctuaries for couples chasing calm and closeness. Amble through the lovely gardens and then draw close for a warm evening by your room’s own fireplace—a classic backdrop for fresh romance.

14. Cable Mountain Lodge, Springdale

At Cable Mountain Lodge in Springdale, lovebirds can dive into the grandeur of Zion National Park. Suites offer complete kitchens and private balconies, setting the stage for a heart-filled adventure. Wander the park by sunlight, then retreat to tranquility, perhaps topped off with a serene couple’s massage in your room.

15. Goldener Hirsch Inn, Park City

The award-laden Goldener Hirsch Inn, tucked in Park City’s delightful Silver Lake Village, captures the allure of a European ski spot. Posh quarters with hand-painted fittings and flickering fires craft an ambiance steeped in adoration and refinement. Here, you’re steps from the best ski action and a renowned eatery dishing out mountain delicacies—the quintessence of a snowy love retreat.


What is a good activity for couples to do in Utah for a romantic experience?

In Utah, couples can soar on private hot air balloon rides in Park City, savor spa sessions for two, drive through breathtaking landscapes, or watch a sunset hand-in-hand on a hike through one of Utah’s national parks.

Can you find romantic seaside getaways in Utah?

Although Utah doesn’t have a shoreline, lovebirds can find beachy vibes by the Great Salt Lake or on Lake Powell’s shores, where calm waters and sandy stretches feel almost like a coastal retreat.

Are there any romantic getaways in Utah that are budget-friendly?

Absolutely, Utah has loving escapes for all wallets. Try a state park cabin, a quaint bed-and-breakfast, or camp amidst the splendor of nature for an enchanting yet economical trip with your other half.

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