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15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways from NYC 2024 (That Are Unforgettable)

by Ethan
15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways from NYC 2024 (That Are Unforgettable)

Get away from the constant hum of New York City and head for a sweet haven not too far off with your special someone. Looking for a snug wilderness hideout, a tranquil coastal cabana, or a place rich in culture? These romantic weekend getaways from NYC in 2024 will lock in your affection through unforgettable times.

1. The Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

The Pocono Mountains are a wonderland of green woods and peaceful waters, inviting partners to revel in stunning natural backdrops. What puts this spot at the top of romantic weekend getaways from NYC is its perfect mix of wild fun and serene time-out. You can trek through forest paths when it’s warm or cuddle next to a fire after skiing in the cold months. The resorts in the mountains welcome you with open arms, often boasting fancy spas and your own hot tub to melt away city worries.

2. Cape May, New Jersey

Take a quick ride to the southern edge of New Jersey and you’ll find the historic and charming Cape May. This shore jewel sparkles with old-school Victorian touches. Couples can wander by the sea, try wines at neighborhood wineries, and peek into quirky little shops. The cozy bed and breakfasts and dining by candlelight make Cape May a top pick for romantic weekend getaways from NYC. As the day ends, the town blooms in quiet splendor, with the sun’s golden rays dancing on the waves—a moment to treasure with your partner.

3. Hudson Valley, New York

The Hudson Valley is a canvas painted with the most beautiful natural colors. A short drive up from the city opens up to a world of charming villages, apple farms, and old mansions. Here, luxury and the great outdoors come together; enjoy fresh meals straight from the farm or hide away in a cozy boutique inn. Take in the local art at galleries and taste craft drinks from the area’s distilleries and breweries. The Hudson Valley’s mix of culture and calming nature scenes makes it a splendid choice for romantic weekend getaways from NYC.

4. Montauk, Long Island

Journey to the far tip of Long Island to the beach paradise of Montauk. Known for its chilled-out spirit, this coastal hideaway beckons couples to relax and get closer. Enjoy the historic Montauk Lighthouse or catch waves together. With stylish beachfront spots to private and intimate rentals, Montauk offers every couple their romantic corner, marking it as a brilliant option for a romantic weekend away from NYC.

5. The Hamptons, New York

The Hamptons cast a spell with their posh charm and cute village vibes. This series of seaside areas gives you a peek into a life of luxury. Bask in the sunlight on the shores by day and hit up fancy restaurants or private clubs at night. From Southampton to East Hampton, each spot within the Hamptons has its own special romantic twist, creating the scene for an enchanting weekend escape.

6. Newport, Rhode Island

Take a step into a picture from New England with a weekend getaway to Newport, Rhode Island. Famous for grand homes like The Breakers and Marble House, Newport is rich with history and coastal grace. Lovebirds can dive into the town’s storied past with mansion tours, savor fresh ocean eats, or drift into the sunset on a harbor sail. The mix of maritime allure and historical sophistication makes Newport a captivating getaway.

7. The Catskills, New York

Picture the sound of leaves, the roar of waterfalls, and secluded cabins nestled in the Catskills. Among the more nature-filled romantic weekend getaways from NYC, the Catskills beckon to couples with outdoor thrills and cozy hideaways. Wander through sleepy towns, hike lively trails, or settle into a mountain resort where wellness and romantic vibes blend together.

8. Saratoga Springs, New York

Renowned for its racetrack roots, Saratoga Springs offers an activity-packed getaway. Unwind in the healing mineral waters, check out the historical racecourse, or dive into the growing food scene. Whether you choose a lavish hotel or a snug B&B, every option promises a stay to remember and cherish for every couple’s romantic weekend away from NYC.

9. Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts

The Berkshires are an artistic haven set within gorgeous nature. Couples can soak up the lively arts—whether it’s a show at Tanglewood, contemporary art at MASS MoCA, or strolls through botanical gardens. With a spread of picture-perfect towns like Lenox and Stockbridge, the Berkshires offer a lovely backdrop for nurturing romance and rejuvenation all year long.

10. Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic is the perfect New England coastal village, with love forever floating in the sea breeze. Walk hand-in-hand through the historic Mystic Seaport, indulge in fresh catches at eateries by the water, or scout out sweet boutiques. Opt for a water’s edge stay for the calmest views, securing Mystic as one of the most sea-worthy romantic weekend getaways from NYC.

11. Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

The rolling fields of Litchfield Hills whisper of hidden spots and simple joys. Couples in search of a calm yet deeply intimate retreat will adore it here, with antique stores, homey inns, and peaceful paths to wander. Visiting the area’s wineries adds a touch of intimacy to the air, enhancing the romantic atmosphere.

12. Shelter Island, New York

A hidden gem reached only by ferry, Shelter Island promises peace and quiet. Its untouched beauty is perfect for active couples who enjoy kayaking, biking, or trail walking. Yet, if resting is what you’re after, luxury stays offer secret nooks for two.

13. Adirondack Mountains, New York

Adventure meets love in the Adirondacks, where the wild itself calls couples to roam. Nature-loving pairs can dive into the vast wilderness and then cuddle up in a warm lodge. In winter, there’s skiing and ice skating; summer brings hiking and sailing.

14. Cooperstown, New York

It’s not only for those who love baseball; Cooperstown is a getaway for sweethearts looking for a village feel. Beyond its famous Baseball Hall of Fame, you’ll find opera, craft beer, and gorgeous lakeside sights. Choose a historic stay to capture the true spirit of your romantic weekend away from NYC.

15. Fire Island, New York

Stroll on Fire Island’s car-free trails to untouched beaches, where pairs can roam freely without city noise. The island’s bare simplicity wins hearts, promising days of combing the beach and nights under the stars. Pick a private beach house as your weekend love nest.


1. What are the best romantic weekend getaways from NYC during the winter?

The finest winter spots include the Pocono Mountains with ski slopes and fireside cuddles, the Adirondack Mountains for snowy fun and snug lodges, and Saratoga Springs with its wintery charm and healing mineral waters. These destinations blend outdoor action with cozy, romantic settings ideal for a love-filled escape.

2. Are there any beachside romantic getaways near NYC?

Sure, there are many beachside spots like Cape May, Montauk, The Hamptons, and Fire Island close to NYC. These coastal areas meld sun, sand, and sea with sweet stays for a love-soaked adventure.

3. Can you suggest romantic getaways that also offer cultural experiences?

For a mix of romance and culture, the Berkshire Mountains are bursting with artsy events and festivals. The Hudson Valley is another great place with its art spots, historical treasures, and tasty food. Mystic provides old-time maritime history along with a delightful village vibe.

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