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15 Best Things to Do in Albany NY 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Albany NY 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

Uncover the wonders and stories of Albany, New York, brimming with activities that stretch from time-honored landmarks to lively entertainment. Locals and wanderers, families on the hunt for kid-friendly fun, lovebirds on a romantic quest, or solo explorers will all find delightful attractions aplenty. In this detailed rundown, we highlight the 15 top things to do in Albany, promising an unforgettable journey for everyone.

1. Wander the New York State Museum

Embark on an exciting exploration of history, nature, and art at the New York State Museum. As one of the nation’s oldest state museums, it’s packed with a rich collection that reflects New York’s cultural and environmental legacies. Encounter amazing exhibitions ranging from ancient Ice Age bones to modern masterpieces, perfect for both grown-ups and youngsters craving a mix of education and fun.

2. Stroll through the New York State Capitol

The breathtaking New York State Capitol stands tall as a marvel of 19th-century architecture. Go on a complimentary guided stroll to gaze at the intricate carvings, impressive stairways, and the lavish Million Dollar Staircase. Merging historical significance with architectural splendor, this site is a can’t-miss in Albany for those fascinated by politics and craft.

3. Bask in the Serenity of Washington Park

Enter the calm of Washington Park, Albany’s city haven. Crafted by renowned landscape designers, the park welcomes you with seasonal celebrations such as the Tulip Festival. Featuring a play area, a serene lake, and plenty of space for picnics, it’s a flexible haven for folks, families, and pairs looking for peaceful outdoor fun or recreational playtime.

4. Dive into Naval Tales on the USS Slater DE-766

Plunge into maritime tales aboard the USS Slater DE-766, the sole World War II Destroyer Escort still afloat in the U.S. This naval relic serves as a museum, delivering a peek into wartime oceanic campaigns and sailor’s lives. A perfect outing for history detectives and sea story enthusiasts, it’s a standout and educational Albany attraction.

5. Unlock Secrets at the Albany Institute of History & Art

The Albany Institute of History & Art shines as one of America’s most ancient museums. Bursting with over 400 years of local and regional lore, its collections unveil the depths of the area’s bygone eras. From classical art to historical treasures, it’s a treasure trove for those keen to plunge into Albany’s rich background.

6. Revel in a Show at the Palace Theatre

Experience an unforgettable performance at the renowned Palace Theatre, a historical hotspot famed for its majestic presence and exceptional sound. Delivering a variety of acts from live music to laughter-filled comedy nights, the theatre promises a dazzling evening for culture buffs or anyone craving top-notch shows right in Albany’s core.

7. Marvel at Art at the Empire State Plaza Art Collection

Art devotees, rejoice at the Empire State Plaza Art Collection, a premier assembly of public artworks. Featuring pieces by iconic artists like Calder and Warhol, this art trove is spread throughout the Empire State Plaza, transforming a simple stroll into a magical artistic adventure.

8. Break a Sweat at the Corning Preserve

Outdoor adventurers and sporty souls will adore the Corning Preserve. With a spot to launch boats, cycle paths, and walking routes by the Hudson River, this locale is ideal for those driven to stay lively amongst beautiful riverside scenes. Kid-friendly and spot-on for an energetic outing, this spot is a standout for both out-of-towners and residents.

9. Make Your Way to Lark Street

Echoing New York City’s Greenwich Village vibes, Lark Street is Albany’s eclectic hub. With its bohemian air, it’s a hive of cool caf├ęs, boutiques, and art spots. The street buzzes with happenings like ‘Art on Lark,’ establishing itself as the go-to spot for those craving a taste of the city’s modern beat and after-dark buzz.

10. Get Hands-On at miSci – Museum of Innovation and Science

At miSci – the Museum of Innovation and Science, thrill in interactive displays that turn science into a blast. The museum’s STEM-focused attractions, planetarium shows, and hands-on challenges aim to spark wonder in visitors of every age, with kids especially keen to delve into the marvels of science and innovation.

11. Time-Travel at Historic Cherry Hill

Wander back through the ages at historic Cherry Hill, a home from the 18th century that tells tales of American domestic life spanning centuries. Tours of this abode uncover narratives and relics from five generations of the Rankin family, transporting visitors into the intimate side of American yesteryear.

12. Breathe Easy at Fuller Road Park

Fuller Road Park is your escape into tranquility with amenities like athletic fields, a play space, and spots perfect for a picnic. It’s a communal gem where folks can relax or jump into local sports action. For natives and explorers alike, the park is a slice of Albany’s community vibe and alfresco lifestyle.

13. Witness the Artistry at The Egg

Join the audience to take in Albany’s spectacular performing arts at The Egg, a space with an eye-catching design. Showcasing a mix of dance and drama, The Egg stands as a nexus of culture, lauded for its unique look and enriching art events, fit for those searching for a blend of visual and dramatic artistry.

14. Patrol the Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza

Behold the Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza, a giant of contemporary design and urban planning. While it’s the seat of state government buildings, it also welcomes memorials, the art collection mentioned earlier, and a bustling farmers’ market when in season, painting it as an energetic crossroads of activity and intrigue for visitors to enjoy.

15. Peep Into Ten Broeck Mansion

The stately Ten Broeck Mansion unveils the luxury of Albany’s 18th-century upper crust with its Federal and Greek Revival styles. With organized tours and various happenings, the mansion serves up slices of local history, calling out to both steadfast history lovers and casual sightseers keen to honor Albany’s early days.


What are some kid-friendly activities in Albany, NY?

  • Check out the New York State Museum for its enlightening exhibits.
  • Dive into the hands-on fun at miSci – the Museum of Innovation and Science.
  • Play and picnic in Washington Park or Fuller Road Park.

Are there any seasonal happenings in Albany, NY worth going to?

  • Absolutely, seasonal fiestas like the Albany Tulip Festival in Washington Park and the wintertime merriments at the Empire State Plaza aren’t to be missed.

What are some romantic things to do in Albany, NY for sweethearts?

  • Couples can take in a performance at the Palace Theatre, enjoy a lovey-dovey meander around the Empire State Plaza, or have an intimate meal on Lark Street.

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