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15 Best Things to Do in Alpharetta 2024 for Adults, Kids, Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Alpharetta 2024 for Adults, Kids, Couples

Unlock the wonders of Alpharetta, Georgia, and you might just feel like you’ve struck gold in the dazzling Peach State. Whether you’re adventuring alone, dreaming up a love-filled retreat, or organizing a family escape filled with laughs, Alpharetta is packed with fun for everyone. With its lush parks, energetic arts scene, shopping hotspots, and mouthwatering food, this city is bubbling with excitement. As we dig into the top 15 fun things to do in Alpharetta for 2024, get ready to meet adventures that grown-ups, kids, and lovebirds will all savor. Set off on an Alpharetta journey where endless smiles are just waiting to happen.

1. Stroll Through the Alpharetta Farmers Market

Kick off your Alpharetta adventure surrounded by the buzz and zest at the Alpharetta Farmers Market. Open for browsing on weekends when the weather’s warm, it’s a wonderland of fresh veggies, tasty nibbles, and handcrafted goodies. Mingle with Alpharetta’s best farmers and creators while you munch on farm-fresh treats that capture the local flavors. This market is more than a place to grab food; it’s a lively spot where you’ll feel the heartbeat of community life. Hunt for the sweetest peach or dive into homemade jams; it’s a must-do Alpharetta outing.

2. Experience the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre

If you love the spotlight and tunes, the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre is Alpharetta’s show-stopping venue. Packed with shows by famous musicians and breakout stars, it’s where music fills the air under the stars of Georgia. Grab your concert tickets, let the beats steer your spirit, and be part of an audience full of music lovers. Dance the night away and make your Alpharetta visit unforgettable.

3. Revel in Retail Bliss at Avalon

Let your shopping desires run wild at Avalon, a top spot in Alpharetta for fashion, food, and fun. This resort-like area is bursting with all the latest trends, quirky shops, and cool gadgets that will tempt you in a heartbeat. But Avalon isn’t just about buying stuff; it throws fun events all year round, turning your shopping spree into a lively experience for couples and families to share. Top off your trip with a creamy ice cream, soaking up Avalon’s energetic vibe.

4. Dive into History at the Alpharetta and Old Milton County History Museum

For the history lovers, you can’t skip the chance to journey into Alpharetta’s rich history at the Alpharetta and Old Milton County History Museum. Tucked right in the city center, this museum sweeps you back in time. Brush up on tales of the founding families, local heroes, and the historical moments that shape Alpharetta today. It’s a spot to honor where the city started and to see how it turned into the charming place it is now. Fun displays make it a hit with all ages, lighting up your cultural trip.

5. Unwind in the Wills Park

If peace and elbow room is what you’re after, Wills Park is like a gulp of cool, clean air. Stretching across wide-open grassy spaces, walking paths, and sports areas, it’s the perfect city escape. Little ones can sprint around the playgrounds, couples can cozy up for a picnic by the water, and those looking for quiet can wander under the trees. Wills Park isn’t just for chilling out; it’s alive with community games, horse events, and regular happenings that keep the local spirit buzzing. A day here joins you with both nature and neighbors.

6. Tantalize Your Taste Buds on the Downtown Alpharetta Food Tour

With a spread of foods as rich and diverse as its people, Alpharetta invites you to feast your way around town on the Downtown Alpharetta Food Tour. Led by local experts, this yummy trail takes you from cozy cafes to fancy dining spots, giving your taste buds a full-on local flavor fest. Try Southern home-cooking, modern dishes, and heavenly sweets. More than just munching, this taste trek tells the story of Alpharetta’s folks and history, a treat for any food lover or history enthusiast.

7. Play a Round at Topgolf Alpharetta

Topgolf Alpharetta spins traditional golf into something fun for all, whether you’re hitting your first ball or a seasoned golfer looking for laughs. Enjoy hitting bays that keep you comfy, tech-savvy golf balls, and glowing targets to aim for. Don’t fret about the scores; just grab a cool drink, feel the buzz, and try to hit those targets. Topgolf is perfect for friends, families, and sweethearts to share a giggle and a swing.

8. Get Creative at the Arts Center at Alpharetta

The Arts Center at Alpharetta is a place where creativity soars. Home to art shows, classes, and plays, this spot is heaven for art lovers and those eager to spark their creativity. Wander the galleries showcasing local and area artists, or jump into creating art in a pottery or painting workshop. It’s a magic space that nurtures admiration and self-expression, painting your visit with beauty and a new outlook.

9. Discover the Big Creek Greenway

The Big Creek Greenway calls out to all who cherish nature and like to stay active, with lovely trails snaking by the Big Creek. Perfect for strolling, cycling, and spotting critters, this paved path is an Alpharetta gem for outdoor fun. Stroll or ride at your own pace, soak in the peace, and keep an eye out for local plants and wildlife. Your eco-adventure starts here, with nature’s art as your backdrop and the sounds of the wilderness as your playlist.

10. Tee Off at The Golf Club of Georgia

Golf fans will feel they’ve found paradise at The Golf Club of Georgia. With two beautifully kept courses, this is the place to swing your clubs in style. The smooth greens, testing pathways, and gorgeous lake sights create a top-notch golfing adventure. It’s more than just a game; it’s a whole day of indulgence wrapped in the grand game of golf. Whether you’re keeping score or just soaking in the views, you’ll walk away feeling like a champ.

11. Explore Innovation at the Computer Museum of America

Dive into a realm where the history, present-day marvels, and future of tech meet at the Computer Museum of America. Explore the digital leaps that have shaped our days, from early computing tools to the latest in virtual reality. This hands-on museum is a goldmine for tech fans and the curious, offering a playful way to get to know the machines and ideas that power our everyday. Discover exhibits that fire up imaginations and offer a peek at the world of tech achievements.

12. Catch a Flick at the AMC North Point Mall 12

A classic movie experience is there for the taking at the AMC North Point Mall 12, bringing Hollywood hits right to Alpharetta. Kick back in comfy seats, enjoy top-notch sound, and grab some snacks at the big concession stand. It’s a modern-day dreamland for movie buffs. Whether it’s a family trip or a romantic evening, the cinema is an adventure into other worlds, sparking wonder and joy in the center of Alpharetta.

13. Indulge in Wellness at The Woodhouse Day Spa

Pause your exploration and step into the calming retreat of The Woodhouse Day Spa. With a range of massages, facials, and body pampering, this spa guarantees to erase stress and refresh your spirit. Each visit is customized to what you need, inviting you to relax in an oasis of tranquility. It’s the go-to place for those who adore self-care or anyone yearning for a soothing break among the thrills of Alpharetta.

14. Have Fun at Main Event Entertainment

Main Event Entertainment is your stop for non-stop fun, from bowling and laser tag to arcade games and gravity-defying rope courses. This fun factory is built for endless laughter and friendly challenges, ensuring a time in Alpharetta filled with cheer and playful rivalry.

15. Sip and Savor at a Local Winery or Brewery

Your Alpharetta journey isn’t complete without a taste of the local winery or brewery scene. Dive into the area’s flavors, learn the secrets of the craft, and maybe even catch a brewing session in action. Each spot links you to Alpharetta’s land and tastes, serving up a journey that’s enlightening and utterly enjoyable. For those with a knack for fine drinks or those who simply enjoy a sip, a stop here is a chilled and sophisticated finale to your Alpharetta expedition.

FAQ 1: What activities in Alpharetta are good for kids?

Alpharetta is bursting with kid-friendly fun. There’s space to play at Wills Park, hands-on learning at the Computer Museum of America, and an array of games to dive into at Main Event Entertainment. Families can mix fun with education at the Alpharetta Farmers Market, taste the city’s bites on the Downtown Alpharetta Food Tour, or take a walk on the wild side along Big Creek Greenway.

FAQ 2: Are there any outdoor activities in Alpharetta?

Sure thing! Alpharetta is filled with outdoor thrills for nature buffs and active folks. Big Creek Greenway offers a scenic path for walking and biking while Wills Park provides spaces for sports and picnics. Golf lovers can hit the greens in style at The Golf Club of Georgia.

FAQ 3: Can you recommend things to do in Alpharetta for couples?

Couples in Alpharetta can enjoy a symphony of romantic adventures like jamming to live music at Ameris Bank Amphitheatre, tasting exquisite local drinks, browsing the Alpharetta Farmers Market, or chilling out at The Woodhouse Day Spa. A classic movie date at AMC North Point Mall 12 also makes for a starry-eyed evening.

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