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15 Best Things to Do in Amelia Island 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couple

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Amelia Island 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couple

Are you on the hunt for a peaceful vacation with a mix of culture, thrills, and chill-out time? Head over to Amelia Island in Florida! It’s the perfect spot for any couple looking for a touch of romance, families in search of kid-friendly fun, or anyone who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Amelia Island is bustling with an array of exciting things to do.

1. Wander through Fort Clinch State Park

Explore Fort Clinch State Park

Dive into history at Fort Clinch State Park. This must-see spot brings the Civil War back to life with its old fort, reenactments, and guided tours by rangers. But that’s not all – you can hit the trails on foot or bike, fish for your next big catch, or just relax on untouched beaches. This place is ideal for those who want to explore, romp around, and take in the seaside sights.

2. Unwind on Fernandina Beach

Relax at Fernandina Beach

Cozy up on the shores of Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island’s cozy heart. You can laze around on the powdery sand, grab a bite at a beachfront eatery, stroll through cute shops, or gaze at the sweeping views of the ocean. Couples can take in the calm of a sunset walk as little ones construct their sand kingdom. Keep an eye out for unique shells and dolphins dancing in the surf!

3. Dig into the Amelia Island Museum of History

Visit the Amelia Island Museum of History

Ready to plunge into the past? The Amelia Island Museum of History invites you to interact with exhibits and join walking tours that unravel stories from the island’s history. It’s a wonderful way for everyone to connect with the cultural roots of this historical treasure.

4. Gallop Along the Beach on Horseback

Take a Horseback Ride on the Beach

Ever dreamt of horseback riding on the beach? Amelia Island makes it happen! This enchanting ride is memorable for couples and families. Make friends with these noble creatures and let the ocean breeze steer you down the coast. Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden before – there are local experts ready to help riders at any level.

5. Set off on a Nature Tour in the Maritime Forest

Discover the Maritime Forest on a Nature Tour

Wrap yourself in Amelia Island’s natural glory with a tour through the maritime forests. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles, birds, and maybe even the occasional alligator! Tour guides full of knowledge and interesting facts make this a truly interesting outing for those who adore nature.

6. Bike the Amelia Island Trail

Cycle the Amelia Island Trail

Pedal your way to a fun day out on the smooth Amelia Island Trail. Rent some wheels and whirl by marshes, woodlands, and beaches, breathing in the outdoors with pals or family. For those romancing, it’s also cozy to cycle side by side and pause now and then to admire the views.

7. Taste the Area on a Food Tour

Savor Local Flavors on a Food Tour

Dive into the flavorful world of Amelia Island with a guided food tour. Tag along with locals to discover top-notch spots for fresh seafood, Southern favorites, and dishes from around the globe. A delicious quest awaits food lovers eager to sample the best of the island’s kitchen.

8. Paddle Out in a Kayak or on a Stand-Up Paddleboard

Go Kayaking or Paddleboarding

Amelia Island’s gentle waters are just right for some kayak or paddleboard time. Slice through the quiet marshes or along the coast, capturing a new angle of the island. Great for all experience levels, and with guides to lead the way, this is a splash-worthy way to spot sea creatures and birds.

9. Meander Through Historic Downtown Fernandina

Stroll Through Historic Downtown Fernandina

Full of Victorian charm, Downtown Fernandina is home to quaint boutiques, friendly coffee shops, and art-filled galleries. You can spend hours here, wandering around, soaking in the slow rhythm of island living. Both couples and families will delight in experiencing this slice of local tradition and story.

10. Tackle a Game of Golf

Play a Round of Golf

For those who love to golf, Amelia Island feels like heaven with its stunning greens. Surrounded by breathtaking natural scenes, golfers can play a relaxed game or face off against the trickier courses. It’s a top-notch choice for grown-ups looking to chill and show their golfing prowess amidst gorgeous views.

11. Fish from Amelia Island Pier

Fish off Amelia Island Pier

Grab your fishing pole and head to the Amelia Island Pier for a laid-back fishing day. No need for a license here, making it easy-peasy for the whole clan to cast a line. You might just snag a variety of fish, adding a dash of thrill to your island adventures.

12. Join a Ghostly Adventure

Take a Ghost Tour

If spooks and spirits are up your alley, check out a ghost tour on Amelia Island. You’ll discover haunted spots and get chills from stories about the island’s past. These ghostly tales aren’t just for grown-ups – kids with a brave heart will get a kick out of these spooky yet fun tales.

13. Revel in a Spa Retreat

Enjoy a Spa Day

Treat yourself to pure bliss with a day at the spa on Amelia Island. With luxury treatments in peaceful settings, couples can savor side-by-side massages, while anyone can relish facials, body scrubs, and more. It’s the ideal choice for some pampering and revitalizing while you’re visiting the island.

14. Join in on Local Festivities

Attend a Local Festival or Event

Amelia Island hosts all kinds of festivals and events all year round. From fancy car shows at Concours d’Elegance to joyous Shrimp Festival parades, there’s a fest for every taste. Check the calendar to join the fun and immerse yourself in the lively spirit and customs of the island.

15. Trek the Greenway Trails

Visit the Greenway Trails

Lastly, make sure to stroll along the tranquil Amelia Island Greenway. These smooth trails loop through the wild, where you can walk, ride, or jog surrounded by peace and quiet. It’s a superb finish to your island itinerary, where calmness and stunning scenery awaits at every corner.


What’s the best season to come to Amelia Island?

Spring and fall are the prime times to visit Amelia Island since the weather’s nice and it’s not too crowded. It’s the perfect climate for all sorts of outdoor fun.

Is Amelia Island kid-friendly?

Definitely! With the beach, nature tours, the Pirate Playground, and hands-on fun at the Amelia Island Museum of History, kids will have plenty to keep them busy and smiling.

Can you suggest some lovey-dovey activities for couples at Amelia Island?

For romantics, Amelia Island doesn’t disappoint – think horseback rides on the sand, cruises at twilight, fancy dinners, and snuggling up at a plush spa.

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