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15 Best Things to Do in Anchorage 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couple

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Anchorage 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couple

Uncover the Biggest City in Alaska: Fun-Filled Adventures in Anchorage

Step into a world where nature and city life blend seamlessly in Anchorage! This Alaskan gem is the ultimate playground for families, thrill-seekers, and lovebirds alike. With its untamed wilderness and city comforts, Anchorage beckons you with an array of activities to fill your days with wonder, from stunning landscapes and heart-racing adventures to cultural treasures.

1. Experience the Wonder of the Anchorage Museum

Gaze upon the treasures of Alaska at the vast Anchorage Museum. It’s the ultimate spot for anyone spellbound by this region’s deep roots. Delve into the world of Alaskan Natives or get lost in a sea of modern artwork. With so many displays and events, this museum makes learning a blast for visitors of every age.

2. Enjoy a Scenic Drive Along the Seward Highway

Set off from the city limits for an unforgettable cruise down Seward Highway. With giant mountains, peaceful waters, and the chance to spot some wildlife, it’s a dreamy drive from Anchorage to Seward. This scenic trip is perfect for couples looking for romance or families ready to soak in the Alaskan scenery.

3. Visit the Alaska Zoo for Wildlife Encounters

The Alaska Zoo is a must for families, with its amazing Arctic creatures and far-off wildlife friends. Watch polar bears and Amur tigers in spaces that imitate their wild homes. The zoo doesn’t just let you see animals; it teaches about protecting them, too, making it a smart choice for nature lovers.

4. Hike Flattop Mountain Trail for Breathtaking Views

Head up Flattop Mountain, the most popular peak to hike in Anchorage, with paths for newbies and expert hikers. When you reach the top, you’re treated to a spellbinding 360-degree view that includes the city, Cook Inlet, and mountains all around. It’s an adventure for families or a scenic haven for couples.

5. Explore the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail by Bike or Foot

Take on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail by bike or on your own two feet! This path curls along the coast, giving glimpses of moose and eagles along the way. Rent some wheels for speed or stroll to take in every sight and sound. It’s a prime pick for an active family outing or a tranquil break for two.

6. Dive into History at the Alaska Aviation Museum

The Alaska Aviation Museum, sitting by Lake Hood, tells the thrilling tales of Alaska’s sky adventurers. Check out planes from times gone by and learn about the pilots who opened the skies. It’s a look back that all ages will find fascinating.

7. Fish Like a Local at Ship Creek

Get your fishing gear ready! Ship Creek is Anchorage’s spot for catching salmon right downtown. It’s easy to get to and great fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

8. Indulge in Fresh Seafood at Local Restaurants

Dig into some of the ocean’s finest at Anchorage’s eateries. King crab, salmon, and more are on the menu, straight from Alaska’s waters. It’s a cozy corner for couples or a family feast with true local tastes.

9. Immerse in Cultural Experiences at the Alaska Native Heritage Center

At the Alaska Native Heritage Center, dive deep into the world of the state’s original cultures. With art, stories, and dance, explore the traditions and ways of life that built Alaska’s history. It’s a cultural journey that enlightens all who venture here.

10. Take a Wildlife Tour to See Bears and Whales

Sign up for a wildlife tour and come face-to-face with Alaska’s famed animals in their real-world homes. Go out to see bears or sail to spot whales leaping from the sea. It’s an epic adventure that brings families together or makes a date to remember.

11. Enjoy Seasonal Events at the Anchorage Market

As summer arrives, the Anchorage Market bursts with life. Vendors serve up everything from handmade goods to delicious food. It’s a treasure trove for unique finds and a lively spot to just be part of the crowd. Kids will love it, and couples can shop side by side.

12. Embark on a Day Trip to Glacier Bay National Park

Not too far from Anchorage, Glacier Bay National Park is a sight you’ve got to see. Marvel at the glaciers breaking off into the bay. A day trip or short cruise opens up this majestic icy realm.

13. Get Wet and Wild with Whitewater Rafting

If you’re chasing thrills, tackle Alaska’s roaring rivers with some whitewater rafting. Paddle fiercely through the rapids with a pro guide, all while surrounded by breathtaking nature. It’s a pumping ride for both daring youngsters and adults.

14. Golf Under the Midnight Sun at Anchorage Golf Courses

When the summer skies stay bright all night, you can golf at midnight in Anchorage! Swing your clubs with mountains stretching out around you. It’s a night-time twist on a classic game that’s fun for late-night golfers or any curious player.

15. Ski or Snowboard at Alyeska Resort

In the snowy months, head down to Alyeska Resort for some downhill thrills. Whether you’re new or a pro, there’s a slope for you. It’s a winter playland for families and a snug spot for a romantic snowy escape.


When’s the best time to come to Anchorage for outside fun?

  • Summer is a prime time from June to August for outdoor fun like hiking, wildlife watching, and basking in the midnight sun. But if winter sports are your thing, visit from November to March for top skiing conditions.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Anchorage?

  • Yep, you sure can! The Northern Lights shimmer across the sky from September to mid-April. Head to darker spots away from city lights for a better show.

All these activities… are they kid-friendly?

  • Totally! Anchorage is packed with kid-friendly fun. Check out the Alaska Zoo, learn at the Anchorage Museum, bike the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, and play at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

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