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15 Best Things to Do in Ann Arbor Michigan 2024 for Adult, Kids, or Couple

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Ann Arbor Michigan 2024 for Adult, Kids, or Couple

Dive into the warm buzz of Ann Arbor, Michigan, where art, green spaces, and learning fuse, offering a feast for the senses for folks of all stripes. If you’re an adult hungry for knowledge, a youngster thirsting for adventure, or lovebirds on a quest for that spark of romance, this lively city will reel you in. Hop on board for a journey through the 15 top things to do in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and let’s make sure your 2024 getaway is packed with memories!

1. Visit the University of Michigan

Step onto the University of Michigan’s campus, not just for scholars but for everyone! Wander the celebrated grounds, gaze in awe at the buildings, and dive into history at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. If the time is right, join in the roar at a Wolverines game. It’s a cornerstone of your things to do in Ann Arbor, Michigan list.

2. Wander Through Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum

Lose yourself in the splendor of the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum. Alone or hand-in-hand, stroll through their lush scenes, bask in the glow of colorful blooms, and follow paths of peace—your urban escape ticket.

3. Experience the Ann Arbor Art Fair

Land in July’s whirlwind at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Bursting with inventiveness, this affair puts the spotlight on worldwide artists. It’s where aficionados and families gather to admire, and maybe even snag, an art treasure for keeps.

4. Enjoy a Show at the Michigan Theater

Step into yesterday’s glamour at the Michigan Theater for a show. This grand dame airs a mix of movies, concerts, and live entertainment yearly. Spend the evening wrapped in the high notes of culture—it’s a shining gem among things to do in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

5. Get Curious at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Bring the whole gang to the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. Touch and tinker with exhibits in science, tech, engines, and numbers for a brain-tickling, giggle-filled day. It’s where the little ones can grow their curiosity hands-on.

6. Paddle Along the Huron River

Sail down the Huron River in a kayak or canoe and snatch a fresh view of Ann Arbor. Hit the waters with a rental and either glide calmly or race with the river’s pulse.

7. Discover the Creature Conservancy

Wildlife fans, look no further than the Creature Conservancy. This haven gathers rare and local critters. Watch live shows and get face-to-fuzzy-face with nature’s wonders, making it a hit for all ages.

8. Try Local Flavors at Ann Arbor Farmers Market

Nosh your way through the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. Take a bite of home-grown goodies, peck at handmade snacks, and nip into specialty delights. It’s a buzzing hub that tickles your taste buds—a must-do for food explorers.

9. Explore the Michigan Folklore

Leap into local legends at the Great Lakes Folk Festival, kicking off in August. Soak up tunes, foot-tapping dances, and stories woven into Michigan’s tapestry. A day here shines a light on tradition—check it off your things to do in Ann Arbor, Michigan plan.

10. Unwind at the Gallup Park

Gallup Park beckons as a peaceful haven by the Huron River, threaded with trails, sprinkled with play spots, and dotted with cozy corners for picnics. It’s a dream for family outings or a soul-soothing run, and watching the water dance with boats is pure bliss.

11. Tour the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

The past comes alive at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. Dig into exhibits on America’s story and the life of President Ford. This library serves up a slice of history, stirring up thoughts on political tides.

12. Attend a Performance at the Hill Auditorium

The Hill Auditorium rings with clear sounds thanks to its awesome acoustics. Catch a concert or talk and let the hall’s magic lift you – a feast for the heart and mind.

13. Savor International Cuisine

Ann Arbor’s eateries welcome you on a world cuisine cruise. A night out here means delighting in a parade of global flavors—top off each evening with a mouthwatering adventure.

14. Engage with Art at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

Get swept up at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair for the art-driven soul. Stroll the art-adorned streets, where fresh faces and known makers share their craft, alongside performances and art-making fun for everyone.

15. Relax in the Kerrytown District

Embrace the one-of-a-kind vibe of Kerrytown District with its storied buildings, trendy boutiques, and cozy coffee spots. Spend your hours meandering, shopping, and sipping into Ann Arbor’s heart.


Q: What is the best time of year to visit Ann Arbor, Michigan?

A: Look no further than summer and fall for the best Ann Arbor days. The warm months are ripe with open-air fests, and autumn flaunts a color show and game-day cheers.

Q: Are there activities in Ann Arbor suitable for young children?

A: For sure! Places like the Hands-On Museum, Creature Conservancy, and loads of parks are crammed with play and learn spots for the young ones.

Q: Can I find entertainment in Ann Arbor during the winter months?

A: Indeed, winter in Ann Arbor glows with culture. Indoors get lively with theatre acts, museum tours, and snuggly dining over local eats.

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