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15 Unforgettable Things to Do in Anna Maria Island 2024 for Adults, Kids or Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Unforgettable Things to Do in Anna Maria Island 2024 for Adults, Kids or Couples

Step into the magical world of Anna Maria Island, where bright blue waves kiss the soft, white sands and the sunshine smiles on those who come to bask in its warmth. If a journey to this slice of heaven is on your horizon, and you’re hunting for the top things to do in Anna Maria Island, you’ve stumbled upon treasure. Whether you’re a lone explorer, a lovebird, or bringing the whole family flock, the island is bursting with thrilling experiences to pack into your travel log.

1. Soak Up the Sun at Manatee Public Beach

Kickstart your island escapade by lounging at Manatee Public Beach. It’s the ultimate chill-out zone where you can bask on the beach or dive into gentle waves. With perks like a kid’s playground, beach café, and volleyball courts, happiness here is a shore thing for everyone.

2. Explore the Island on a Bike Rental

Pedaling around Anna Maria Island is a blast. Grab a bike and meander through cute streets, cruise by the sea, and pop into charming shops. Riding a bike is just the pace for this relaxed island vibe and lets you uncover cool spots at every turn.

3. Take a Dolphin Watching Tour

Jump aboard a dolphin watching adventure and see these fun-loving creatures playing in the ocean by your side. These outings aren’t just about dolphins; they’re a peek into the lives of all critters that call the Gulf of Mexico home.

4. Enjoy Kayaking Through the Mangroves

Paddle a kayak under the lush green archways of mangrove forests. The water’s silence, clear as glass, is the stage for spying wildlife in their natural setting. It’s a hush-hush thrill that lets you see the island from a different and amazing angle.

5. Discover Local History at the Anna Maria Island Historical Museum

Travel back in time at the Anna Maria Island Historical Museum. Explore the island’s story, from ancient beginnings to its fishy tales of the past. It’s a trip that’s both brainy and a chance to see how far the island has come while you check out the cool things on display.

6. Reel in Fun with a Fishing Charter

With Anna Maria Island being a fisher’s dream place, there are heaps of charters waiting to take you where the fish are jumping. Novice or pro, the fishing guides know where to go. You might reel in a whopper like a snapper or a dazzling tarpon when it’s the season.

7. Catch a Play at the Island Players Community Theatre

Get a taste of island art at the Island Players Community Theatre. This cozy spot lights up with local talents acting out plays and tunes. The friendly space and cool shows promise a night of grins and applause.

8. Visit Bean Point for a Quiet Retreat

Bean Point is Anna Maria Island’s secret corner for peace and quiet far from the busy shores. It’s a soul-soothing spot where the Gulf and Tampa Bay hug. Sweeping views and wildlife sightings, from birds to sea cows, make Bean Point a hush-hush gem.

9. Savor Local Flavors at Anna Maria Island Restaurants

If tasty eats make you happy, the island’s grub will have you grinning ear to ear. Seafood fresh off the boat, flavors from around the world, and sweet eats by the water or hidden bistros make every bite a joy to remember.

10. Stroll Along Historic Bridge Street

Bridge Street buzzes with fun, filled with neat shops, yummy places to eat, and a classic pier. Wander around, scoop up some keepsakes, or kick back and feel the street’s good vibes. When the sun sets, the beats and parties light up the night.

11. Unleash Fun at the Holmes Beach Skate Park

Ready for some action? The Holmes Beach Skate Park is a playground for skaters and bikers. With ramps of all sorts to conquer, it’s a rad place for youngsters to let loose and grown-ups to show their tricks.

12. Experience the Serenity of Yoga on the Beach

To truly embrace Anna Maria Island, join in on quiet yoga by the seaside. With waves as your music and the breeze as your guide, beach yoga is a dreamy way to chill out and find your zen. Everyone’s welcome to drop in, stretch, and breathe easy.

13. Indulge in a Spa Day at a Local Resort

Treat yourself to a day at the spa at one of the island’s lush resorts. With all sorts of relaxing treatments, like rub-downs and facials, it’s your chance to let go and refresh in a calm oasis. A spa day is island living at its most glitzy.

14. Tee off at a Nearby Golf Course

Love hitting the links? There are loads of pretty golf courses nearby to swing your club. With sunny skies and neat fairways, golf here is always good times. No matter if you’re a golf whiz or just starting, there’s a patch of green with your name on it.

15. Marvel at Sunset Views from the Sandbar Restaurant

Finish up your days with a jaw-dropping sunset at the Sandbar Restaurant. While you munch on scrumptious seafood, the sky turns into a canvas of color, waving goodbye to the day. It’s a picture-perfect ending to your Anna Maria Island story.


What is the best time of year to visit Anna Maria Island?

The coziest time to drop by Anna Maria Island is in the spring—from March to May—when it’s sunny and not too crowded. But truly, any time is great to visit, thanks to Florida’s friendly winters that also make for a delightful stay.

Are there any public transportation options on Anna Maria Island?

Yep, Anna Maria Island has a free trolley that zooms up and down the island. It’s easy and no-cost to skip around without a car. This trolley runs every day, and you can hop on and off at all the happening spots.

Is Anna Maria Island suitable for families with children?

Anna Maria Island is super welcoming to families, with all sorts of cool things to do for kids like splashy beaches, fun parks, and yummy places to eat. The island’s chill mood and safe spaces make it a fab choice for family escapes.

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