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15 Best Things to Do in Aspen 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Aspen 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

Step into the magic of Aspen, a place bursting with more than snowy slopes—it’s an anchor for both thrill-seekers and those craving a peaceful escape. In the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Aspen waits with open arms, offering an abundance of things to do that will delight every age and interest. Now, let’s dive into the top 15 things to do in this captivating town.

1. Explore the Maroon Bells

Marvel at the beauty of the Maroon Bells, one of North America’s most snapped scenes. Towering twin peaks rise over a shimmering lake, painting a scene that’s utterly breathtaking at dawn’s break. Trails weave into the wilderness for all, turning into a snowy playground when winter hugs the land. The Maroon Bells have paths that even the youngest explorers can tread, so the whole family can wonder at nature’s splendor together.

2. Hit the Slopes at Aspen Snowmass

Famed as a top ski hotspot, Aspen Snowmass rolls out four mountains where skiers and snowboarders of every stripe can whoosh down slopes. Beginners can learn the ropes, while experts tackle heart-pumping runs. Not only a winter haven, come summer the mountains hum with life—hikers, cyclists, and music fill the air. Whatever the season, the mountains are an endless playground of fun.

3. Ride the Silver Queen Gondola

The Silver Queen Gondola lifts you to soaring heights to snatch a glimpse of Aspen Mountain’s splendor. An 18-minute journey delivers you to the peak for hiking, dining, or just drinking in the vast views. It’s a bucket-list ride for a soaring snapshot of Aspen’s gorgeous scenery.

4. Visit the Aspen Art Museum

Art buffs will treasure the Aspen Art Museum, where contemporary creations challenge minds and stir conversations. No entry fee means you can soak up culture crafted by the famed architect Shigeru Ban. The ever-changing exhibits mean each visit brings new art to light.

5. Walk Through the John Denver Sanctuary

A tribute to the beloved singer-songwriter, the John Denver Sanctuary is a serene retreat nestled in nature’s arms. Wander the green gardens, pause by the water, and read Denver’s words set in stone. It’s a peaceful corner to reflect on the artist’s deep connection with Aspen.

6. Discover Independence Pass

Linking Aspen to Colorado’s east, Independence Pass is a road trip that you can’t miss. Travel through the Continental Divide and feast your eyes on jaw-dropping views. Have your camera ready, as this route offers up some of the Rockies’ best photo ops. Take care, as the way is narrow and asks for keen attention, especially in the buzz of summer.

7. Enjoy the Aspen Music Festival

The Aspen Music Festival is a summer serenade that fills the atmosphere with the melodies of top-tier musicians. Over eight weeks, this classical music extravaganza showcases concerts and workshops. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or just dipping your toes into the genre, there’s a tune here to hold you spellbound.

8. Get Close to Nature at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies is a haven for nature enthusiasts eager to learn about local critters and the world they call home. Join in on guided treks, educational gatherings, and sneak peeks at green practices. Here, the beauty of nature and the joy of learning share the same space.

9. Take a Dip in the Glenwood Springs Pool

A hop away from Aspen you’ll find the Glenwood Springs Pool—the planet’s largest hot springs pool—ready to soak away any weariness. Filled with mineral water said to heal, and with pools for every preference, it’s a spot to relax and recharge.

10. Stroll Around the Aspen Farmers Market

Get a slice of local life at the Aspen Farmers Market. Fresh foods, handcrafted treasures, and smiles all around create an infectious mood. Support local farmers and savor the area’s distinct tastes. The market springs to life from June through October, so time your stroll right.

11. Experience the Thrills at the Aspen Recreation Center

For families and those who never skip a beat, the Aspen Recreation Center is a blast. Glide on an NHL-size rink, conquer the climbing wall, or dive into the water park. Fun and games are the stars of the show here.

12. Admire the Architecture at the Wheeler Opera House

The Wheeler Opera House is more than a stage for amazing shows—it’s a welcoming door to over a hundred years of history and stunning design. It’s a must for everyone who loves stories etched in stone and space.

13. Take a Historical Tour of Aspen

Uncover Aspen’s past with a guided historical tour. Journey back to see the transformation from a silver mining town to a glamorous resort. Unravel the tales of folks who shaped Aspen, and feel a deeper bond with this active nook.

14. Fly High with a Paragliding Adventure

For a fresh view, seize the buzz of flight with a paragliding leap. Jet off from Aspen Mountain and glide like a bird, safely harnessed to a pro. It’s a heart-pounding angle from which to grab a birds-eye-view of Aspen’s beauty. Cameras at the ready for those sky-touching snapshots!

15. Relax at the Spa and Wellness Centers

After days of action and fun, sink into some well-deserved spoiling at Aspen’s opulent spas and wellness centers. From restorative rubdowns to healing hot springs, indulge in the multitude of ways to treat yourself. It’s the ultimate finale to your grand adventure, leaving you renewed and invigorated.

Now, with your heart set on the wonders ahead, brace yourself for an unforgettable Aspen adventure. Be prepared for a treasure trove of activities that will etch memories in your mind. Whether your passion lies outdoors, in cultural treasure troves, or relishing high-end relaxation, Aspen’s got a rainbow of things to do to elevate your visit to remarkable heights.


What is the best time of year to visit Aspen?

You can pick the perfect Aspen getaway based on your favorite pastimes. Hit the slopes from December to February for ski extravaganzas. If outdoor concerts, sunny trails, and lively festivals call your name, then June to August is your golden window.

Are the outdoor activities in Aspen suitable for beginners?

Indeed, Aspen rolls out a welcoming mat for newcomers. There are ski lessons, beginner trails, and guided tours all set up so novices can delight in the grandeur of the great outdoors without a hitch.

Can you visit the Maroon Bells year-round?

Year-round visits to the Maroon Bells are possible, but winter snows mean cars need to park by a certain date. From mid-June to early October, you’ll need to hop on a shuttle or pedal a bike to reach the area. Winter invites cross-country skiing and snowshoeing for those looking to tread on softer trails.

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