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15 Best Things to Do in Athens GA 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Athens GA 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

Uncover the wonders of the captivating town of Athens, GA, where an adventure awaits around every corner for inquisitive grown-ups, lively youngsters, or thrill-seeking duos. Brimming with history, culture, and natural splendors, Athens is a playground for all, offering an abundance of sights and experiences. Whether you’re dropping by for a visit or you’re a native eager to explore the gems of your town, search no more. This is your go-to rundown of the 15 best things to do in Athens, GA, in 2024!

1. Stroll Through the State Botanical Garden of Georgia

One of the most delightful things to do in Athens, GA, is to meander around the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Brimming with various themed gardens and miles of trails, it stands as an oasis for plant admirers and peace-seekers alike. The colorful array in the Herb & Physic Garden and Flower Garden offers a visual banquet that changes with the seasons. Not just a retreat for grown-ups, the garden also serves as an interactive classroom for kids to delve into and learn about the wide array of plant life.

2. Explore the Georgia Museum of Art

Art lovers will revel in the treasure trove that is the Georgia Museum of Art. As the state’s official art museum, its walls are filled with an impressive collection that spans American paintings to decorative art pieces. With ever-changing exhibits, you’re sure to find fresh wonders on each visit. Plus, free entry makes it an even more compelling stop in Athens, GA, especially for art aficionados on a budget.

3. Catch a Performance at The Classic Center

Dive into Athens’ cultural heartbeat by snagging tickets to a performance at The Classic Center. Famous for showcasing everything from Broadway extravaganzas to lively concerts, this spot guarantees a memorable night for adults and older kids. Peek at their schedule when you’re around and indulge in the artistry, from symphonies to comedy gigs.

4. Visit Bear Hollow Zoo

Families will fall in love with Bear Hollow Zoo, a cozy wildlife haven hosting a mix of animals that hail from Georgia. The zoo dedicates itself to rehabilitating creatures and provides an intimate glimpse at life forms that can’t be returned to the wild. It’s a magical spot where kids can grasp the importance of wildlife preservation while meeting bears, eagles, and deer face-to-face.

5. Enjoy Live Music at the Georgia Theatre

Music pulses through the veins of Athens, GA, and the Georgia Theatre is the go-to venue to soak in its rhythm. With a story that reaches back through time and stages that have welcomed countless celebrated acts, it presents the perfect backdrop for friends and couples to revel in an evening of energetic live performances, all while bathing in the local cultural essence.

6. Attend a Game at Sanford Stadium

For those hitting town in autumn, experiencing a University of Georgia Bulldogs football match is an essential Athens activity. Sanford Stadium buzzes with an electric vibe that engulfs even those who aren’t devout sports followers. Join in with the local fanfare and cheer alongside the crimson and onyx crowds supporting the home squad!

7. Walk through Athens Downtown Historic District

The Athens Downtown Historic District is alive with tales from yesteryear, studded with stunning architecture, inviting boutiques, and appetizing food spots. Wander at your own pace, peek into unique shops, or dig into some of Athens’ finest culinary offerings. With its round-the-clock liveliness, this district is a fitting adventure for visitors young and old, whatever their tastes.

8. Tour the University of Georgia Campus

The grounds of the University of Georgia aren’t solely for scholars – they buzz with life and are graced by striking buildings. Opt for a guided expedition or simply rove across the historic North Campus. Don’t miss out on the famed Arch, emblematic of wisdom, justice, and moderation, which mirrors the spirit of both university and town.

9. Relax at Sandy Creek Park

Sandy Creek Park is a vast, serene haven featuring a lake for fishing and boating adventures, trails for spirited hikes, and picnic areas perfect for a family feast. It’s an idyllic place for clans to unwind, frolic, or simply soak in a day surrounded by nature’s bounty.

10. Discover the Creature Comforts Brewery

For those with a penchant for craft ales, Creature Comforts Brewery beckons. Embark on a journey through their facility, taste their creative brews, and uncover the secrets behind their beer-making magic. It’s both an amusing and enlightening outing for grown-ups eager to sip on the area’s signature tastes.

11. Browse the Athens Farmers Market

Venture to the Athens Farmers Market to snag some farm-fresh goodies and handcrafted treasures. Running in full swing during the growing season, it’s an incredible spot to back local growers and artisans while discovering some of the most natural and one-of-a-kind items Athens, GA, has to dish out.

12. Take a Public Art Tour

Athens’ streets are an open-air gallery dotted with murals and sculptures for all to enjoy. Launch your own art hunt and marvel at the myriad of public masterpieces that adorn the city. It’s a free, hassle-free manner to dip into the local art currents.

13. Experience the ACC Library

The Athens-Clarke County Library goes beyond book lending – it’s a community nucleus teeming with activities and gatherings for every age bracket. Swing by for a talk, get the kids enchanted with storytime, or browse through a diverse range of books and media.

14. Play at World of Wonder Park

Travelers with tots can’t pass up a visit to World of Wonder Park. This sprawling play paradise is laden with equipment to keep the little adventurers engaged. It’s an excellent chance for them to let loose while adults catch a breath and soak in some serenity.

15. Savor Athens’ Culinary Delights

The food landscape of Athens, GA, is diverse and brimming with life. Whether your preferences lean towards hearty Southern cookery or global flavors, there’s a platter to please every appetite. Embark on a culinary trek and enjoy the taste of Athens’ classic haunts or the buzz of new, fashionable food spots.


What are the best outdoor activities in Athens, GA?
Venture into the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, bask in the greenery of Sandy Creek Park, and traverse the history-lined paths of the Downtown Historic District for some of the finest outdoor thrills. Plus, getting swept up in a football frenzy at Sanford Stadium is another crowd-pleasing alfresco choice.

Are there activities for families with young children in Athens, GA?
Absolutely, Bear Hollow Zoo, World of Wonder Park, and the interactive play areas at Sandy Creek Park are all top spots for family fun. The Athens-Clarke County Library also beams with child-friendly fare.

Do you need a car to get around Athens, GA?
While owning wheels can make travel a breeze, the heart of Athens is easily explored by foot, complemented by public transport services. With many attractions nestled close together, you don’t necessarily need a car to navigate the city’s many splendors.

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