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15 Best Things to Do in Big Bear 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Big Bear 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

Dive into the grandeur of Big Bear, California’s towering mountains, shimmering lake, and emerald woods – it’s an adventure you’ll never forget. Thrill-seekers, peace-lovers, and those in-between, Big Bear is brimming with fun for everyone. Trek peaceful paths, get your heart racing on water or snow, browse quaint shops, and savor local eats. It’s a place for families, little ones, and sweethearts to find joy.

1. Trek the Scenic Trails at Castle Rock

Amble along a jaw-dropping path at Castle Rock, where hikers snag awesome snapshots of Big Bear Lake and its wild surrounds. This trek is a hit on the list of things to do in Big Bear, easy enough for most to conquer. You’ll be treated to postcard-worthy scenes and the perfect spot to chow down on a picnic.

2. Sail Away on a Big Bear Lake Cruise

Hop on a boat and skim over Big Bear Lake’s glittery surface, a must-do activity. There’s a ride for everyone with paddleboards, kayaks, and pontoons. Embrace the warm rays and cool breezes as you glide along.

3. Experience the Rush of Snowboarding at Snow Summit

Come winter, Snow Summit is a snowboarder’s paradise, with trails for novices to experts. Brush up on your skills or hit the snow for the first time; this resort’s got you covered with lessons too, great for family-fun on the slopes.

4. Explore Big Bear Discovery Center

Dive into nature at the Big Bear Discovery Center. Here, unearth the secrets of local animals and plants. It’s action-packed for families with hands-on fun. And if you’re itching for a tour or a kid-friendly outing, they’ve got the scoop.

5. Unwind in the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

For thrills off the lake, sail down the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. Open all year, it’s an exciting swoosh through the trees, a blast for both grown-ups and the young’uns. And when it’s hot, the water slides are there to cool you down.

6. Cast a Line in Big Bear Lake’s Abundant Waters

Fishing in Big Bear Lake is the perfect chill-out. Shore-bound or in deep waters, you might reel in trout, bass, or catfish. No gear? No problem! Rentals and fishing tours are up for grabs.

7. Bike the Woodland Trails

Big Bear’s bike trails offer rides from mellow to whoa! Circle the lake at your leisure or zoom down the mountain. With rental bikes and tours, there’s a path for every pedal-pusher.

8. Visit the Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Get close to the wild at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, a haven for creatures in need. Admire the locals and learn about the refuge’s good deeds. It’s a heartwarming chapter in your Big Bear tale, suitable for all.

9. Shop and Dine in The Village

At The Village, the vibrant core of Big Bear, discover boutique wonders, tempting treats, and fun spots. Wander, nibble on sweet delights, or enjoy a cozy meal for two.

10. Admire the Stars at Big Bear Solar Observatory

Perched by the lake, this observatory is a stellar research spot. Peek through their mighty telescopes during special events and be dazzled by the starry sky.

11. Play Miniature Golf Among the Pines

Tee up for mini-golf in Big Bear’s peaceful piney backdrop. Challenge your pals or family to a round and share some giggles. It’s a game for the young and the young at heart.

12. Go Horseback Riding in the Backcountry

Climb atop a horse and trot through Big Bear’s rough and wild. With guided rides for rookies and experts, it’s a peaceful journey through nature’s hidden tracks.

13. Savor Local Flavors at Big Bear Farmers Market

Nibble on local goodies at the Big Bear Farmers Market. Not just fruits and veggies – it’s a snapshot of local life with crafty creations and home-cooked bites. Drop by for a taste of the town.

14. Challenge Yourself with Rock Climbing

Climbers, get ready! Big Bear’s rocky faces offer climbs from easy peasy to hardcore. Tackle the rocks and score some epic views as a reward.

15. Enjoy a Performance at The Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center

Wrap up your trip with a splash of culture at The Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center. Catch a play, dance to a concert, or be swept away by a musical. It’s top-notch entertainment any day.


What are the best things to do in Big Bear for families?

  • Get wild at Big Bear Discovery Center
  • Slide and splash at the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain
  • Meet furry friends at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Are there any outdoor activities in Big Bear for adventure seekers?

  • Pedal the woodland trails on mountain bikes
  • Carve down the slopes at Snow Summit during winter
  • Ascend the crags with rock climbing

Can you recommend romantic activities for couples in Big Bear?

  • Float on a boat for two as the sun dips below Big Bear Lake
  • Feast at one of The Village’s cozy dining spots
  • Gaze at the stars together at Big Bear Solar Observatory events

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