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15 Best Things to Do in Billings MT 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couple

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Billings MT 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couple

Dive into the bustling city of Billings, Montana, a playground for grown-ups, children, and duos in love. Tucked in the Yellowstone Valley, Billings is a treasure trove of wild charm and historical wonders. With endless outdoor thrills and cultural gems, you’ll find a heap of things to do in Billings, MT. Brace yourself to uncover the thrills of Montana’s largest city.

1. Discover the Rimrocks

If you crave picture-postcard views, clamber up to the Rimrocks. These towering sandstone giants are perfect for wandering, pedaling, or snapping epic photos. Meander down the Rimrock Trail and drink in the city vistas from these weathered heights. Escaping to the Rimrocks is an invigorating way to soak up the beauty of Billings’ outdoors.

2. Explore Pictograph Cave State Park

Crack open the history books at Pictograph Cave State Park. Cave drawings that stretch back for millennia await your eyes. Roam through the park, letting your imagination revive the tales of ancient cave dwellers. The paths, brimming with knowledge, offer a spellbinding and smart journey for folks of every stripe.

3. Visit ZooMontana

ZooMontana is a magnet for families, boasting animals from the Rockies and realms far-flung. Get nose-to-nose with curious critters and wander botanical splendors that drench the visit in color. Action-packed children’s events make this zoo a buzzing hive of activity for a clan’s outing in Billings, MT.

4. Take a Yellowstone River Boat Tour

Unfold the beauty of Billings from the embrace of the flowing Yellowstone River on a mellow boat ride. Spot wildlife and bask in the gentle whisper of nature as you skim over the water. This outing is an enchanting choice for sweethearts scouting for novel date ideas.

5. Attend a Performance at Alberta Bair Theater

Soak up a splash of the arts at Alberta Bair Theater, Billings’ home for the performing arts. From big-time Broadway hits to symphonic concerts, there’s an enthralling show awaiting your presence. Peek at their event schedule during your stay and reward yourself with an evening swathed in creative brilliance.

6. Reflect at the Yellowstone County Museum

Wander through yesteryears at the Yellowstone County Museum where local lore springs to life. Displays from Native American relics to settler sagas adorn the space, offering a poignant peek into the region’s lineage. It’s an eye-opening stop for any visitor hungry for a slice of history.

7. Savor Local Flavors at Billings Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Sample the zest of Billings in its eateries that celebrate straight-from-the-soil fare. Delight in fresh-picked greens and Montana-raised meats that grace your plate at farm-to-table spots—a must-taste for those with appetites for newly harvested meals.

8. Hike to Sacrifice Cliff

Hearts yearning for excitement will find it on the trek to Sacrifice Cliff. The path to this storied lookout is clear but tough, rewarding you with sweeping landscapes at the summit. Take a breather and let your gaze wander over the meandering Yellowstone River below.

9. Relax at Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is a slice of serenity within Billings’ hustle. It’s decked out with trails, fishing haunts, and spots for a sunny picnic, making it an ace pick to chillax and connect with Mother Nature. Solo or in company, the park is a peaceful retreat in Billings, MT.

10. Sip and Savor on a Brewery Tour

Hopheads can dive into a sea of suds with a jaunt through Billings’ dynamic brewery circuit. Kick back on a local brewery trail, tasting artisanal brews and diving into the craft of beer-making. Each doorstep you cross welcomes you with new blends and a cozy vibe—a lively way to while away the hours.

11. Stroll Through DanWalt Gardens

Step into DanWalt Gardens and be dazzled by blooms and scents in this haven of horticulture. Drift through the gardens and take in a scene perfect for a tranquil afternoon or sweetheart’s promenade.

12. Experience the Western Heritage Center

Dig into the soul of the High Plains at the Western Heritage Center. Interactive displays and storied pieces offer a glance into the culture and kinship of the region. It’s a hot spot for learning the ropes of Billings’ role in the wild West.

13. Golf at One of Billings’ Premier Courses

Swing into action at one of Billings’ lush golf courses. Confront the beauty and challenge of Montana’s green expanses as you work through pristinely groomed fairways and putting greens. With a pick of stunning courses, golfing is a favored pastime in the heart of Billings, MT.

14. Go Antiquing in Billings’ Historic District

Roam the old streets and shop for souvenirs in Billings’ historic district, bursting with antique treasures. Each boutique brims with timeless pieces, from rustic furniture to knick-knacks, beckoning a delightful hunt for your very own slice of history.

15. Take a Day Trip to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

A stone’s throw from Billings, the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument stands solemn and stunning. Absorb the tales of the famous 1876 clash between U.S. forces and Northern Plains tribes. It’s a heart-stirring trip that paints the struggles and tales of America’s West.


What’s the best time of year to visit Billings, MT?

Billings beams with beauty all year, yet the top picks are spring (April and May) when the flowers start to pop and the air is sweet, and fall (September and October) when autumn paints the town and the air tingles before winter’s arrival.

Are there any family-friendly activities in Billings, MT?

Indeed! Families in Billings can hit up the animal-packed ZooMontana, unearth history at Pictograph Cave State Park, or play under the sky at Riverfront Park’s big open spaces and play areas.

Can you recommend a romantic activity for couples visiting Billings, MT?

Couples can float away on a dreamy Yellowstone River Boat Tour. Or, they might love to stroll hand in hand through DanWalt Gardens, then cap off the day with a cozy dinner at a local farm-to-table spot.

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