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15 Best Things to Do in Bloomington IL 2024 for All Ages

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Bloomington IL 2024 for All Ages

Want to discover what’s buzzing in Bloomington, Illinois? If you’re from around here or just swinging by to soak in some true Midwest vibes, you’re in for a treat. This delightful town is packed with fun spots whether you’re into history, the arts, sports, or the great outdoors. So, let’s jump into the 15 coolest things to do in Bloomington, IL — get ready, because you’re definitely going to want to check these out in 2024!

1. Discover the Wonders of the Miller Park Zoo

Get up close with wild critters at Miller Park Zoo, right here in Bloomington. With a whole bunch of animals from around the world, you can mosey around and spot the proud lions or slinky snakes. They’ve got loads of cool happenings and learning stuff too, so families hunting for fun things to do in Bloomington, IL, look no further.

2. Explore the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts

It’s where the city’s creative pulse beats the strongest – the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts. Whether you’re into watching plays, humming along to musicals, or grooving to concerts, this place has got it all. The old-timey building mixed with fancy sound tech makes a night here one of the standout things to do in Bloomington, IL.

3. Take a Stroll through Constitution Trail

If the outdoors call your name, hit up the Constitution Trail for some fresh air and pretty views. It’s a hit for bikers, joggers, or anyone who just wants to chill with a walk. This trail weaves through town and connects you to lots of cool places, making it a super way to see everything for folks putting together a list of must-do things in Bloomington, IL.

4. Visit the McLean County Museum of History

Dive deep into the local legends at the McLean County Museum of History. Set in an old courthouse that’s been fixed up real nice, they’ve got stories that’ll take you back from the days of the early settlers all the way to now. It’s a no-brainer for history fans wanting a top-notch thing to do in Bloomington, IL.

5. Cheer on a Game at the Grossinger Motors Arena

If you get a buzz from sports, make some noise at the Grossinger Motors Arena. Hockey, basketball, you name it — plus they’ve got concerts and stuff all year round. Cheering with the crowd here is a supercharged way to feel the local spirit, making it a thrilling thing to do in Bloomington, IL.

6. Indulge in Local Delights at Bloomington Farmers Market

For those with taste buds always on the hunt, the Bloomington Farmers Market is like a treasure chest. Scoop up the freshest fruits and veggies or snag some crafty creations. Every season brings new flavors to try, so put this market on your list of tasty things to do in Bloomington, IL.

7. Enjoy a Round of Golf at The Den at Fox Creek

Swing into action at The Den at Fox Creek, where you can hit the greens whether you’re a pro or just starting out. The view’s all sorts of pretty, making it a sweet spot to chill with friends or step up your golf game. It’s a go-to for anyone in Bloomington, IL that loves a good round of golf.

8. Embrace Nature’s Beauty at Ewing Cultural Center

Ewing Cultural Center is this cool secret spot where you can stroll around fancy gardens and old-school buildings. Plus, it’s where the Illinois Shakespeare Festival happens, making those classic tales come alive in the fresh air. For folks who dig culture and the great outdoors, this is your spot among things to do in Bloomington, IL.

9. Catch a Flick at the Historic Normal Theater

Step back in time and catch some quirky or classic movies at the Normal Theater. Rocking that old-school art deco style, it’s the go-to place for a chill movie night in Bloomington, IL.

10. Experience Adventure at Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing

Ready to climb to new heights? Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing gym has all levels of challenges waiting for you. It’s perfect for a fun day with pals or family, and it’s guaranteed to get your heart racing — another cool thing to do in Bloomington, IL.

11. Relax at the Prairie Vista Golf Course

Prairie Vista Golf Course is another golfer’s paradise with slick fairways and tricky water spots. Once you’ve sunk that last putt, their clubhouse is awesome for kicking back and talking all about those birdies and bogeys. Definitely, a relaxing thing to do in Bloomington, IL for anyone who loves chasing after that little white ball.

12. Unwind with a Visit to the ISU Planetarium

If the stars capture your imagination, head to the Illinois State University Planetarium. They’ve got all these shows and special things that’ll teach you about outer space. It’s a magical thing to do in Bloomington, IL whether you’re going on a family outing or a romantic date.

13. Shop and Savor at Eastland Mall

Eastland Mall is the big kahuna of shopping in Bloomington. It’s stuffed with shops and food places that’ll keep any shopper stoked all day long. No matter the weather, it’s a shopping haven, a big fat yes on the list of things to do in Bloomington, IL.

14. Find Tranquility at the Bloomington Public Library

Got a soft spot for books? You’re going to love the Bloomington Public Library. It’s quiet, packed with stories and cool stuff, and they’ve always got community stuff happening. So whether you want to dive into a novel or join in the fun, it’s a chill thing to do in Bloomington, IL.

15. Participate in Bloomington’s Festivals and Community Events

Festivals and community shindigs show off Bloomington’s lively culture. Whether it’s grooving to tunes, munching on festival eats, or jumping into parades, these events bring people together. Take part, and you’ll feel the community vibe, making it a super-positive thing to do in Bloomington, IL.

FAQ 1: What is the best time of year to visit Bloomington, IL?

Head on over to Bloomington, IL, when spring turns to summer and stays through early fall. It’s warm and sunny, plus there’s heaps of festivals and fun going on.

FAQ 2: Are there any family-friendly attractions in Bloomington, IL?

Yep, Bloomington, IL, is full of family fun! Check out places like Miller Park Zoo and the Children’s Discovery Museum, not to mention all the parks where kids can run wild.

FAQ 3: Can I access public transportation to get around Bloomington, IL?

Sure thing! Connect Transit is the bus system that’ll take you all over Bloomington-Normal, making it easy to get to the hot spots we’ve talked about.

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