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15 Best Things to Do in Blowing Rock NC 2024 for All

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Blowing Rock NC 2024 for All

Discover the picturesque town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, bursting with adventure and charm at every turn. Nestled among stunning views and cozy streets, this mountain gem has a treasure trove of activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re after some quiet time or eager to conquer the great outdoors, dive into the ‘things to do in Blowing Rock NC’ and collect memories that will last forever.

1. Visit The Blowing Rock

Take in the View at The Blowing Rock

The town’s namesake, The Blowing Rock, perches majestically over 3,000 feet above the Johns River Gorge. Stand atop this natural spectacle and take in the awe-striking panoramic sights. A legend whispers of a Cherokee brave who, fueled by love, jumped from the rock and was carried back by the winds into the arms of his beloved. More than just a visual thrill, The Blowing Rock weaves together the raw power of nature with ancient tales of romance.

2. Explore The Blue Ridge Parkway

Drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway

Curving along the mountain spine of the Blue Ridge range, the Parkway is your entry to a world of astonishing landscapes. Pull over at the various lookouts, drink in the views, and let your spirit soar. Be on the lookout for the Linn Cove Viaduct, a structural wonder hugging Grandfather Mountain. Offering spots to hike or picnic, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a must-do when in Blowing Rock.

3. Enjoy Downtown Blowing Rock

Stroll through Downtown Blowing Rock

The heart of the town beats in its vibrant downtown. Wander past shops full of unique finds, visit art galleries, and try out the tasty local food. Downtown also lights up with festivals and seasonal happenings, guaranteeing fun new discoveries. It’s a place where handcrafted treasures and sweet treats meet the warmth of hometown hospitality.

4. Visit The Tweetsie Railroad

Ride the Rails at Tweetsie Railroad

Take a step back into yesteryear at Tweetsie Railroad, a park with a taste of the Wild West. At its heart is a historic steam engine, chugging passengers through the North Carolina mountains. Along with the train adventure, the park is decked out with amusement rides, live shows, and family fun. Tweetsie Railroad blends historical thrills with pure enjoyment in a stunning setting.

5. Trail at Moses H. Cone Memorial Park

Hike the Trails of Moses H. Cone Memorial Park

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park beckons to the lovers of the great outdoors. Over 25 miles of groomed carriage paths welcome hikers, horseback riders, or those who just want a peaceful walk. Explore Cone Manor and learn about the legacy of Moses Cone. It’s a picture of lush lakes and meadows, a living showcase of mountain culture and splendor.

6. Ski or Snowboard at Appalachian Ski Mountain

Hit the Slopes at Appalachian Ski Mountain

In winter, when the snow lays thick, the Appalachian Ski Mountain buzzes with snow-lovers. Skiers and boarders of all levels find their bliss here, with lessons, gear to rent, and even night skiing available. The mountain’s frosty wonderland gives adrenaline junkies a thrilling ride.

7. Relax at Blowing Rock Spa

Unwind at a Blowing Rock Spa

After a heart-pumping adventure, nothing compares to the calm of a spa day. Blowing Rock boasts spas where you can give in to massages, facials, and other relaxing treats. Escape to a world of calm and get pampered amidst mountain tranquility.

8. Visit Grandfather Mountain

Explore Grandfather Mountain

A short drive from Blowing Rock, Grandfather Mountain invites adventurers with rugged paths, animal havens, and the famed Mile High Swinging Bridge. Whether it’s learning about the region’s wildlife, taking your hiking to the next level, or soaking in the scenery, Grandfather Mountain promises a day of unforgettable exploration.

9. Fish in the Area’s Rivers and Streams

Go Fishing in Mountain Waters

The sparkling, chilly waters near Blowing Rock are a fisherman’s dream. Home to bountiful trout and local fish, the streams and rivers teem with prime fishing spots. Expert or novice, the calm of nature and excitement of the catch combine for an unmatched outdoor adventure.

10. Attend Art in the Park

Experience Art in the Park

Blowing Rock’s Art in the Park is a canvas showcasing the talents of local craftspeople and artists amid the town’s natural splendor. Scroll through the stands and pick out special art pieces, be it paintings, pottery, or jewelry. This colorful fair not only applauds artistry but also supports the local artist community in the High Country.

11. Visit The Blowing Rock Art & History Museum

Discover the Blowing Rock Art & History Museum

Immerse yourself in the area’s deep-rooted heritage at the Blowing Rock Art & History Museum. You’ll find displays highlighting Appalachian art, history, and culture. Interactive exhibits and educational programs bring to life the traditions that have shaped the mountain community.

12. Golf at One of the High Country Courses

Golf Amidst Mountain Scenery

The High Country rolls out several stunning golf courses for fans of the sport. Set against amazing mountain backdrops, these courses welcome all, from beginners to experienced golfers, promising a memorable swing-and-hit experience.

13. Picnic at Price Lake

Relax by Price Lake

Find peace at Price Lake, perfect for a family picnic or solitary reflection. Rent a canoe or kayak and skim across the placid surface, or meander around the water’s edge on the trail. It’s an idyllic setting for reconnecting with the wild, embraced by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

14. Shop at the Tanger Outlets

Enjoy Retail Therapy at Tanger Outlets

Deal hunters, make your way to Tanger Outlets. Dig into discounts on top brands and styles. Whether it’s the latest fashion, home décor, or a thoughtful gift, it’s all about finding that special something without breaking the bank.

15. See the Rhododendron in Bloom on the Blue Ridge

Witness the Rhododendron Bloom

Come spring, the Blue Ridge Mountains burst into color with the blooming rhododendrons. Trails like those at the Rhododendron Gardens on Roan Mountain are perfect for diving into this botanical showcase. It’s a blend of beauty that sings the praises of High Country at its peak.


What are some family-friendly activities in Blowing Rock, NC?

There’s no shortage of joy for families in Blowing Rock, including the wild fun at Tweetsie Railroad, exploring the vast Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, playing at Blowing Rock Memorial Park’s outdoor space, and joining in family activities at the Blowing Rock Art & History Museum.

What is the best time to visit Blowing Rock, NC, for outdoor activities?

To get the most out of Blowing Rock’s outdoor delights, visit during the spring to fall, when the weather is just right for hiking, fishing, and enjoying events like Art in the Park. If skiing and snowboarding call to you, winter is the time to come.

Are there any good spots for dining in Blowing Rock, NC?

Blowing Rock is packed with tasty treats, from casual bites to upscale dining. Many spots dish up local Appalachian flavors with stunning views of the mountains. Check out Bistro Roca, The Speckled Trout Restaurant & Bottle Shop, or The Blowing Rock Ale House for some favorites.

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