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15 Best Things to Do in Bogotá 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couple

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Bogotá 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couple

Dive into the bustling energy of Bogotá and start an adventure you’ll never forget. It’s brimming with old tales, modern vibes, and loads of fun. Whether you’re chasing thrills, after some romance, or hunting for cool stuff to do with the kids, Bogotá’s got it all. There are so many awesome “things to do in Bogotá” that it’s like the city is throwing out invitations to have a blast. So, if you’re mapping out a trip to this lively Colombian capital in 2024, gear up for the top “things to do in Bogotá” that you’ve just gotta check out.

1. Discover the Historic Wonders of La Candelaria

Hit the charming streets of La Candelaria, where the heart of Bogotá beats. Wander around and spot bright homes, museums, and old churches. Swing by the famous Plaza de Bolívar, perfect for those hungry for history. And you can’t skip the Museo del Oro with its massive stash of ancient gold treasures!

2. Ride the Cable Car to Monserrate Sanctuary

Zoom up Monserrate mountain for crazy-awesome views of Bogotá. The cable car is a hit for lovebirds or families showing their kids the sights from up high. At the summit, find peace at the church and enjoy its lovely gardens.

3. Savor Local Flavors at Paloquemao Market

Take your tastebuds on a spin at the lively Paloquemao Market. Feast your eyes on the bright fruits, veggies, and flowers. It’s the perfect place for grown-ups to soak up the local scene and for youngsters to spot all the different things Colombians grow. Sample some wild fruits or munch on a tasty breakfast from a stall.

4. Delight in Artistic Displays at the Botero Museum

If art’s your jam, don’t miss the Botero Museum. Check out Fernando Botero’s neat plump sculptures, plus classics from Picasso, Monet, and Dalí for a well-rounded art trip.

5. Tour the Halls of the National Museum of Colombia

For history lovers, the National Museum of Colombia’s a dream. It’s the oldest around and tells a big story with its exhibitions. Couples will dig strolling through and chatting about the cool stuff they see.

6. Indulge in Colombian Coffee Culture

Colombia’s famous for its coffee, and you can sip on the real deal in Bogotá. Hit up coffee shops scattered across the city. Take a coffee tasting tour, or just chill with a cup as you people-watch in a lively square.

7. Encounter Wildlife at the Bogotá Botanical Garden

Find your calm in the Bogotá Botanical Garden. It’s a hit for families, with plant displays, local greenery to show the kids, and wide-open spaces for playtime.

8. Admire the View from Cerro de Guadalupe

For another top-notch view, head to Cerro de Guadalupe. Hike or cruise to the top to find a statue of the Virgin Mary. It’s quieter than Monserrate, which means more chill for families and a cozy spot for couples.

9. Explore Street Art in the Graffiti District

Bogotá’s bursting with street art, and the Graffiti District’s where it’s at. The walls come alive with stories and local spirit. Learn about these colorful expressions on a graffiti tour, offering a peek into the city’s artsy side.

10. Uncover Treasures at the Emerald Market

Try Bogotá’s Emerald Market for a sparkle. Colombia’s known for emeralds, and here you’ll get up close with these shiny green gems. It’s a treasure trove for those into gems, and kids will love the bright colors.

11. Attend a Futbol Match at Estadio El Campin

Sports nuts, don’t miss out on the thrill of a local futbol match at Estadio El Campin. Jump into the excitement with fans rooting for their teams, making for an unforgettable time for everyone.

12. Get Lost in the Wonders of Maloka Museum

The Maloka Museum is all about science and tech, with bunches of fun for kids. They’ve got hands-on stuff that’ll spark their curiosity about the world.

13. Enjoy the Nightlife in Zona T

Zona T is where Bogotá’s nightlife pulses. It’s packed with places to eat, drink, and dance, setting the stage for grown-ups and couples ready to party or savor fine foods. The whole area’s vibes guarantee an electrifying night.

14. Journey Through Time at the Quinta de Bolívar

The Quinta de Bolívar is like a time machine, shooting you back to when Simón Bolívar was around. The house and its gardens are stunning, and you’ll leave feeling a bit wiser about his life.

15. Revel in a Traditional Show at Teatro Colón

Capping off your Bogotá adventure? Catch a show at Teatro Colón, the fancy national theater. It’s class all the way and the perfect finish to embrace Colombia’s culture, whether you’re with your partner or flying solo.


What is the best way to get around Bogotá?

  • Getting around Bogotá is easy-peasy with taxis, buses, and the TransMilenio rapid bus system. Go for the TransMilenio to get to most “things to do in Bogotá” quick and safe. Biking’s super cool too, especially on Sundays when they close streets just for you to pedal around.

Is Bogotá safe for tourists?

  • Like any big city, keeping your eyes peeled in Bogotá is key. Stick to touristy spots for the most part, stay alert at night, and only hop into official taxis or use trusted ride apps.

What is the best time of year to visit Bogotá?

  • Plan your Bogotá trip when it’s not raining cats and dogs. December to March or July to August are your best bets for great weather, so you can totally dig all those outdoor “things to do in Bogotá” without a soggy surprise.

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