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15 Best Things to Do in Boulder Colorado 2024 for All

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Boulder Colorado 2024 for All

Tucked away at the base of the towering Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado brims with life, offering visitors and hometown folks a treasure trove of outside adventures, artsy happenings, and tasty treats. If you’re mapping out your journey and seeking fun things to do in Boulder, Colorado, gear up for a fantastic time. Adventure-seekers, culture lovers, and families will all find heaps to love in this lively and stunning city.

1. Hike the Flatirons

Love the great outdoors? You can’t miss a trek around Boulder’s famous Flatirons. These eye-catching rock faces welcome hikers of all skill levels to wander their many trails. Whether you’re up for an easy jaunt or a tougher ascent, there’s a path for you with amazing views of the city and the Continental Divide waiting at the top.

2. Stroll Along Pearl Street Mall

Join the buzz at Pearl Street Mall on your Boulder visit. This teeming walkway is alive with cool shops, eateries, and entertainers. It’s the heartbeat of Boulder’s social life, the perfect slice of town for people-watching, snagging one-of-a-kind finds, and sinking your teeth into some scrumptious local chow.

3. Explore Boulder Creek Path

Boulder Creek Path is a smooth, meandering trail that cruises right next to the flow of Boulder Creek. The path stretches for miles, favored by bikers, runners, and families chilling out on an easy walk. It’s a tranquil way to get a dose of nature while you’re still close to the city buzz.

4. Visit the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Got an eye for art? The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art opens doors to the area’s creative pulse. It showcases changing exhibits from artists near and far, serving up a dazzling feast for your eyes and a spot to stir up deep chats. Plus, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump from Pearl Street for more city adventure.

5. Enjoy the Boulder Farmers Market

Food fans rejoice! You gotta hit the Boulder Farmers Market, a paradise of fresh, local bites, handmade foods, and classy treats. The communal vibe and primo goods reflect Boulder’s love for green farming and cheering on neighborhood shops.

6. Take a Brewery Tour

Beer buffs, Boulder’s buzzing with craft breweries, and touring one is the coolest way to dive in. Check out the range of brewers, learn how they make their suds, and sip some top-shelf hometown beers. And don’t miss out on the laid-back taproom scene to savor Boulder’s distinctive beer flavors.

7. Attend a Performance at the Boulder Theater

If live shows are your groove, the Boulder Theater’s grand stage hosts everything from jams to film fests. Its snazzy art deco style and snug feel make it an epic spot to catch the stream of talent that rolls through Boulder.

8. Go Rock Climbing at Eldorado Canyon State Park

Just a stone’s throw from Boulder, Eldorado Canyon State Park is a climber’s paradise, flaunting routes that challenge pros and stunning scenery for the crowd. It’s a high-five for anyone who loves outdoor thrills.

9. Relax at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Searching for serenity? Chill at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, Boulder’s hand-built gem from our sister city. Kicking back with a steamy brew in hand, you’ll marvel at the craft and color poured into this spot.

10. Visit the University of Colorado Campus

Not just smart but stunning, the University of Colorado Boulder campus wows with its fab buildings and spreading lawns. Stroll, scoop up a guest talk, or just soak in the campus cool and young vibes.

11. Experience Boulder’s Nightlife

As dusk falls, Boulder’s nightlife lights up. Dive into snug bars or lively dance clubs—this city’s got the beat. Tune into live tunes that will set your night on fire.

12. Pan for Gold at Gold Hill

Travel back in time at Gold Hill, a mining town with history you can touch—and maybe even strike gold! This quaint community gives you a peek at settler life from Colorado’s gold-chasing days.

13. Visit the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory

Fragrant and friendly, the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory welcomes you to unwrap the story behind every cup. Join a tour, tiptoe through a rich tea legacy, and taste their renowned hot sips.

14. Cycle on Boulder’s Many Bike Trails

With awesome bike trails crisscrossing through it, Boulder invites you to wheel away the day. Grab a bike, hit a mountainous path or cruise around town—the city’s bike-love makes it a breeze.

15. Discover the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Get smart and have fun at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) with its hands-on exhibits and tours. It’s a brainy blast for curious minds of any age.


What are some family-friendly activities in Boulder, Colorado?

For family fun in Boulder, romp along Boulder Creek Path, explore the Butterfly Pavilion, chill at the Boulder Reservoir, and learn at NCAR.

Are there any free things to do in Boulder, Colorado?

Yes! Enjoy freebies like hiking the Flatirons, wandering Pearl Street Mall, steeping in tranquility at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, and visiting the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory self-guided tour.

What is the best time of year to visit Boulder, Colorado?

Boulder’s a blast all year, but spring and fall boast great weather for outside fun. Summers sparkle with festivals and markets, while winter welcomes snow sports lovers with nearby slopes.

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