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15 Best Things to Do in Buenos Aires 2024 for All Ages

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Buenos Aires 2024 for All Ages

Unlock the Wonders of Buenos Aires: Your Fun-Filled Guide for Every Age

Dive into the heart of Buenos Aires, a city pulsing with tango beats that spice up the air and a tapestry of culture stitching history and today into an adventure you’ll never forget. Looking for fun? Crave delicious food? Want to see stunning buildings? Buenos Aires overflows with exciting things to do for every traveler, no matter your age.

1. Wander the Bright Stretches of La Boca

Kick off your Buenos Aires journey in La Boca, where rainbow-colored houses and graffiti masterpieces glimmer. Strolling the famed Caminito street, you’ll bump into artists peddling their creations and dancers whose tango moves tell a thousand tales of this city’s soul. Come in the sunshine for a spirited and safe glimpse of Buenos Aires’ art-pulsing heart.

2. Discover the Grandeur of Teatro Colón

Step into the Teatro Colón, a world-renowned opera paradise that dazzles with its design and sound. Join a tour to hear tales of past stars and the theater’s rich legacy. Slide into a velvet seat for an evening of twirling ballet, soul-stirring opera, or grand classical melodies—it’s a cultural feast for your senses!

3. Meander in the Opulent Recoleta Cemetery

The Recoleta Cemetery is more than a city of the dearly departed; it’s a treasure trove of sculptures and stately vaults. Amble by Eva Perón’s famed grave and others, ducking in early to dodge the crowds and bask in the art and elegance that blankets this peaceful necropolis.

4. Breathe in Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Yearning for a nature nook amidst the city buzz? The Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur is your green haven. Follow the lush paths as bird songs mix with rustling leaves, the perfect recipe for a picnic or a lazy afternoon lounging in the lap of nature with Buenos Aires’ skyline peeking out in the distance.

5. Plunge into Art at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Art lovers, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes beckons with its vast trove of wonders, from global marvels to Argentine glories. Whether modern vibes or timeless strokes call to you, this museum opens its doors to all aesthetics—and guess what? Walking in won’t cost you a dime. It’s culture made easy.

6. Twin Food and Fun in Palermo

Food adventurers, come feast on Palermo’s culinary riches, from time-honored Argentine grills to cutting-edge fusion kitchens. Savor the evening while nibbling on empanadas or indulging in sweet dulce de leche desserts. Don’t miss out on the buzzing bars, either, where night owls sip and socialize.

7. Feel the Roar at a Boca Juniors Football Game

Sporting spirits, you can’t pass by Buenos Aires without cheering in the stands of La Bombonera, the stomping ground of the Boca Juniors. Join a sea of fans chanting their hearts out—a thrilling backdrop to the soccer battle on the field. Hurry and snag those tickets; they’re snapped up fast!

8. Dig for Gems at the San Telmo Market

Every Sunday, the old-world charm of San Telmo bursts into a bazaar brimming with antiques, crafts, and yummy treats. It’s the spot for one-of-a-kind keepsakes and a dip into local life. Street performers sprinkle their magic around you, framed by pretty, age-old buildings that tell their own stories.

9. Play the Day Away at Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa theme park waits with open arms to dazzle families with its shows and religious wonders. Fun meets learning here, where stories from different cultures come to life. Don’t miss the show-stopping statue of Jesus emerging to the heavens—it’s a sight to remember.

10. Journey to the Calming Tigre Delta

Want a breath of fresh scenery? The tranquil waters of Tigre Delta beckon from just beyond Buenos Aires’ bustle. Hire a boat or hop on a guided float across serene streams, by cozy riverside homes and leafy isles—a blissful way to touch base with nature and peel back another layer of Argentine charm.

11. Dance the Night at a Milonga

You can’t say Buenos Aires without whispering tango. Slip into a local milonga and let the dance floor romance you. Whether you watch the sly-stepping pros or sway into the rhythm yourself, there are spots all over that welcome newbies, making the iconic dance yours to claim.

12. Lick into Argentine Ice Cream at a Heladería

Got a sweet tooth? Argentine ice cream, a cousin of Italian gelato, waits to cool you down. Find a heladería and savor the creamy goodness, especially the much-loved dulce de leche flavor. It’s pure joy on a cone!

13. Stir up Fun in an Argentine Cooking Class

Ready to play chef? Get your hands deliciously dirty in a cooking class. Master the secrets of Argentine kitchen favorites like asado and alfajores, then whisk those skills back home to wow friends and family. It’s tasty fun and a recipe card for memories!

14. Lose Yourself in Books at El Ateneo Grand Splendid

Bookworms, get lost in the wonders of El Ateneo Grand Splendid, one of the globe’s most stunning bookshops nesting in a former theatre. Surrounded by literary splendor and architectural drama, you’re in for a storybook afternoon.

15. Find Peace in the Japanese Gardens

Seeking silence in the city’s heartbeat? The Japanese Gardens, the largest beyond Japan, provide a pond-rippled, tree-whispered retreat. It’s the perfect plot for reflection or a gentle pause from the non-stop energy of Buenos Aires.

FAQs About Visiting Buenos Aires

What’s the best season to see Buenos Aires?

Swing by in spring (September through November) or fall (March to May) for sweet weather and parks popping with flowers.

How can I soak up the local tango culture?

Catch a tango show, step into traditional milongas, or learn the moves with a class. There are many spots, even cafes and cultural hubs, where beginners can slip into the dance of Buenos Aires.

What fun stuff can families find in Buenos Aires?

With the kiddos? Visit the Palermo woods, spark curiosity at Museo de los Niños, or play together at Tierra Santa theme park. Plus, you’ll find playgrounds and family-friendly cafes dotted around.

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