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15 Best Things to Do in Calgary 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Calgary 2024 for Adult, Kids or Couples

Heading to Calgary? You’re in for a treat, with loads of fun and different things to keep you busy, whether you’re flying solo, hanging with the family, or holding hands with your sweetheart. From tall city buildings and quiet green spaces to cultural corners and heart-pumping adventures, this list of the top things to do in Calgary is sure to fill your days with memories you won’t forget.

1. Soar to New Heights at the Calgary Tower

Climb up to the Calgary Tower’s viewing platform for a jaw-dropping look at the city and the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Once you’re up there, take a walk on the glass floor – it’s a wild ride that kids and adults will love.

2. Step Back in Time at Heritage Park Historical Village

Take a trip to the olden times at Heritage Park, a living museum that recreates the early days of western Canada. Check out old-time buildings, chug along on an old steam train, and meet folks dressed up like they stepped out of history.

3. Discover Wildlife at Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo is home to animals from all over the globe. It’s a fantastic spot for families to discover cool animals and learn how to protect them. With habitats like the African Savannah and Canadian Wilds, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled the world!

4. Dive Into Culture at Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum is packed with art, history, and stories, especially about Western Canada. With hands-on stuff to do and amazing art to see, it’s perfect for grown-ups and lovebirds wanting to soak up some local culture.

5. Enjoy the Outdoors at Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek is one of the biggest city parks in Canada, with tons of stuff to do outside. Hit the trails, spot some birds, or bike around. It’s also a great place to chill out and take a break from city noise.

6. Wander Around Prince’s Island Park

Prince’s Island Park is a green spot in the middle of the river, right in the heart of Calgary. Cross a bridge to get there and enjoy picnics, long walks, and festivals. In the summer, there’s music in the air with live bands to listen to.

7. Hit the Slopes at Canada Olympic Park

Looking for a rush? Head to Canada Olympic Park where you can ski or snowboard in the winter, or mountain bike and zip-line in the summer. It’s the go-to place for sporty friends and couples.

8. Explore Science at TELUS Spark Science Centre

TELUS Spark Science Centre is where curious kids and grown-ups can play, watch cool science shows, and get lost in space at the planetarium. It’s all about diving into science and tech.

9. Take a Stroll Down Stephen Avenue Walk

Walking down Stephen Avenue is a must-do in Calgary. With old buildings, shops, good places to eat, and art everywhere, you’ll find yourself having fun just wandering around.

10. Get Adventurous at The Calgary Stampede

Every year, Calgary bursts with the excitement of The Calgary Stampede. See cowboys in action, listen to music, watch races and parades. And don’t forget the food—yum! Even when it’s not Stampede time, you can still find Stampede-themed things to do all year round.

11. Visit the National Music Centre

Fans of tunes should check out Studio Bell, where the National Music Centre lives. Learn about music in Canada through tons of displays and maybe even catch a live show.

12. Indulge in Retail Therapy at CrossIron Mills

If shopping is your thing, don’t pass up a trip to CrossIron Mills. With more than 200 stores, you can shop ’til you drop!

13. Experience Local Brew at Calgary Breweries

Calgary’s got a booming craft beer scene. Take a brewery tour, sample some unique beers, and learn how it all comes to life from the crafty brewers themselves.

14. Admire the Art at Esker Foundation Art Gallery

For a taste of modern art, the Esker Foundation has new exhibits all the time in a pretty space that’s free! It’s a way to see what’s new in art and think about how it fits into the world.

15. Unwind at Nose Hill Park

Seeking some quiet? Nose Hill Park offers a natural escape right in the city. Dogs love it here too, and the views from the hill are second to none, with downtown Calgary and mountains in the distance.


What are some family-friendly things to do in Calgary?

  • Head to Calgary Zoo for an animal adventure.
  • Get hands-on with cool stuff at TELUS Spark Science Centre.
  • Play and explore the massive outdoors at Fish Creek Provincial Park or Prince’s Island Park.

Where can I experience Calgary’s culture and history?

  • Time-travel at Heritage Park Historical Village.
  • Check out Glenbow Museum or the National Music Centre for a peek into the past and some musical magic.
  • Stroll down Stephen Avenue and soak in the history and vibe.

What are some romantic things to do for couples in Calgary?

  • Eat and shop at the hip places along Stephen Avenue Walk.
  • Snuggle up and watch the sunset from Calgary Tower.
  • Relax with a quiet walk or picnic at Prince’s Island Park.

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