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15 Best Things to Do in Cambridge 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Cambridge 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

Setting out for Cambridge? Prepare to dive into a treasure chest of history, soak up the culture, and jump into a whirlwind of fun things to do for everyone. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a curious youngster, or a duo in love, this guide is your secret map to the very best things to do in Cambridge. Plunge into the life of this famous university town and kick-off your adventure!

### 1. Punting Along the River Cam

Punting in Cambridge is a classic way to take a break from the city’s buzz. Float gently down the River Cam, taking in the grandeur of the university buildings. You can either steer a punt by yourself or relax on a guided tour loaded with tales from the past.

### 2. Exploring the Cambridge University Colleges

Your trip to Cambridge isn’t complete until you’ve visited its legendary university colleges. Stroll through the majestic rooms of King’s College, stand in awe at Queens’ College’s ornate details, or bask in the calm of Trinity College’s gardens. Remember to look up when they’re open, as some might limit entry during school terms.

### 3. Wandering Through the Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum is a sanctuary for families, historians, and art fans. It’s packed with ancient relics, priceless paintings, and fascinating displays, offering a feast for your eyes. The bonus is that getting in costs nothing, so everyone can bask in its wonders.

### 4. Basking in the Botanic Gardens

The sprawling Cambridge University Botanic Garden is a green paradise for plant lovers and peace-seekers. Covering 40 acres, it showcases plants from every corner of the world. Visitors can meander through various sections, each bursting with its botanical magic.

### 5. Admiring the Views from Great St. Mary’s Church

Tackle the climb to the top of Great St. Mary’s Church tower for a treat. Once you reach the summit, stunning panoramic views of Cambridge await. It’s an ace spot for photo buffs or anyone eager to snag a sweeping shot of the city’s charm.

### 6. Enjoying the Thrills at Clip ‘n Climb

Clip ‘n Climb guarantees a rush for kids and the forever young. With climbing challenges for all levels, it’s a lively and sporty way to spend your day. With top-notch safety, climbers can boldly reach new heights without worry.

### 7. Discovering the Wonders at the Museum of Science

The Museum of Science turns facts and figures into an interactive blast. Made for inquisitive folks of all walks of life, the museum tempts you to touch, tinker, and think. Scout out the universe in the planetarium or catch up on the latest tech that’s changing our day-to-day.

### 8. Catching a Show at the Arts Theatre

If the drama and dazzle of the stage call your name, head over to Cambridge Arts Theatre. Spotlights shine on a mix of shows from old-school plays to modern tales and even kid-friendly acts. It’s your ticket to a cultured evening in town.

### 9. Hiking the Backs

For outdoorsy guests, a hike along the Backs is a canvas of countryside charm. This pretty trail skirts the edges of the colleges, offering a fresh view of these grand structures, plus a glimpse of manicured gardens and the peaceful river.

### 10. Relaxing at Parker’s Piece

Parker’s Piece is a famous community park, perfect for lazy picnics or a casual kickabout. A cornerstone of local life, this spot is buzzing in the summer with festivals and sports — classic Cambridge at its finest.

### 11. Sampling the Delights at the Cambridge Market

Gourmets will delight in Cambridge Market’s buzz. With stalls stacked with fresh produce and tantalizing street eats, it’s the prime spot to taste the local fare and snag distinctive keepsakes or mementos.

### 12. Cycling Around the City

Cambridge loves bikers, and there’s no finer way to see the city’s hidden gems than on a bike. Grab a rental and pedal to various spots, take in the quaint city views, and join the local bike brigade enjoying their favorite way to get around.

### 13. Attending a Festival at Midsummer Common

Midsummer Common is a green haven that often hosts colorful festivals and fairs. Be it the vibrant Strawberry Fair or the thrilling fireworks on Bonfire Night, Midsummer Common is usually buzzing with festivities.

### 14. Visiting the Scott Polar Research Institute

If you’re drawn to Earth’s icy frontiers, the Scott Polar Research Institute is your gateway to polar discovery. Dig into tales of daring explorations, gaze at unique relics, and uncover the science and secrets of the frosty poles.

### 15. Going Behind the Scenes at Cambridge University Press Bookshop

Book enthusiasts, don’t miss the Cambridge University Press Bookshop. As the nation’s oldest bookshop spot, it gives you a peek into a world where learning and print history intertwine. You may even spot fresh works from the minds of Cambridge scholars.


1. What is the best time of year to visit Cambridge?

The ideal time to explore Cambridge is during spring and summer, from April to September, when the skies are sunny, and the green spaces burst with life. But, seeing Cambridge in the quieter months can also have its charm, especially if you like having more space to yourself.

2. Are the colleges in Cambridge always open to visitors?

Nope, getting into the colleges can sometimes be tricky, especially during the academic year, as they’re not just tourist spots but places of study. Always best to check their open hours online before making plans to pop in.

3. Is Cambridge suitable for visitors with mobility issues?

Loads of Cambridge’s sights and fun things to do are reachable for those with mobility needs, but considering the old-timey nature of some spots, it’s wise to look up access details for the places you’re aiming to hit up in the city.

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