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15 Best Things to Do in Cancun 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Cancun 2024 for Adults, Kids, or Couples

Caught by the shimmering turquoise waves and powdery white sands of Cancun? You’re in good company! This slice of heaven is packed with fun for any kind of traveler, whether you’re itching for excitement, longing for leisure, or after a mix of both. Cancun invites you in for the adventure of a lifetime with its mix of ancient culture, stunning scenery, and cool, modern spots. Jump into the exciting stuff that’s waiting for you in this sun-soaked spot with our list of the best things to do in Cancun.

1. Explore the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA)

Dive deep and discover the Underwater Museum of Art, or MUSA, home to over 500 sculptures sitting below the ocean’s surface. Snorkel or dive among these statues, which also help coral grow, making this underwater adventure both eco-friendly and totally unique.

2. Visit Chichen Itza

Travel back in time to the grand Mayan city of Chichen Itza, crowned one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Marvel at the mighty El Castillo pyramid and other time-worn temples. Spend the day wandering these ruins and soaking up stories from the rich Mayan past.

3. Relax on Playa Delfines

In Cancun, the beach is life, and Playa Delfines is top-tier. Escape the busy hotel zone and chill on stretches of sand, with the perfect backdrop of the iconic Cancun sign for your snapshots. Bask in the sun, picnic, or just listen to the calming crash of the waves.

4. Swim with Whale Sharks

Ever dreamed of swimming with ocean giants? Cancun is your spot during whale shark season to snorkel with these gentle beasts. Team up with expert guides for a thrilling and safe swim with the ocean’s biggest fish.

5. Indulge in Local Cuisine at Mercado 28

For a flavor explosion, hit up Mercado 28. Dive into real-deal tacos, fresh-off-the-boat seafood, and tasty local treats. Or hunt for gifts and handmade goodies in the vivid market stalls. It’s a full-on sensory party and a must for anyone who loves to eat and shop.

6. Experience Xcaret Park

At Xcaret Park, culture, nature, and fun come together for a day to remember. Dive into underground rivers, catch spectacular local shows, and meet the wildlife. There’s magic around every bend for both kids and grown-ups.

7. Cruise on the Nichupte Lagoon

Set sail on the peaceful Nichupte Lagoon. Glide in a kayak, zip around on a jet ski, or take a lazy boat tour. Watch breathtaking sunsets and maybe share a romantic dinner over the water. It’s also a super spot for spotting birds and snapping nature photos.

8. Wander Through El Rey Archaeological Zone

For a quick Mayan history fix, check out the El Rey Archaeological Zone. Right in the hotel area, these smaller ruins let you peek into the past while iguanas wander about. It’s great for history buffs who can’t take the full day out at bigger sites.

9. Take a Catamaran Trip to Isla Mujeres

A catamaran can whisk you over to the beautiful Isla Mujeres. Spend your day snorkeling in crystal waters, zipping around the island by golf cart, or chilling on the dreamy Playa Norte. The island’s chill vibe is a sweet change from Cancun’s buzz.

10. Tee Off at a Premier Golf Course

Golf lovers will be over the moon at Cancun’s stunning courses. Picture yourself hitting the links against a background of lush green and ocean blue. With courses carved by golf legends, there’s a challenge here for every level of player.

11. Enjoy Nightlife at Coco Bongo

More than a club, Coco Bongo rocks out with a show that’s off the hook. Nightlife fans, get ready! You’ll find yourself surrounded by dancers, acrobats, and music that keeps you moving ’til the break of dawn.

12. Soak in a Cenote

For a true Yucatan Peninsula moment, take a dip in a cenote. These gorgeous freshwater pools, nestled in limestone, offer a cool swim or dive that’s one of a kind. Chill out in the water while nature wraps around you – it’s unforgettable.

13. Shop at La Isla Shopping Village

Need a shopping spree with a view? La Isla Shopping Village is where you want to be. Wander this open-air spot by the canals with shops from chic boutiques to local favs. Plus, with lots of places to eat and awesome views, it’s a delightful spot to spend a few hours or treat yourself.

14. Take a Jungle Tour

For the wild at heart, jump into the Cancun jungles on an ATV or a zipline adventure. Get your adrenaline pumping with dirt trails or sky-high rides through the trees. These tours often toss in hidden cenote swims and chances to hang with cool creatures.

15. Discover the Interactive Aquarium

Dive into Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium for some face-to-fin time with sea critters. Feed sharks, pet starfish, or swim with dolphins in this fun spot that’s got something for everyone. They’re big on caring for ocean life too, so you’re learning while you’re having a blast.


When’s the best time to hit up Cancun for these rad things to do?

  • For sweet weather and less of a crowd, aim for December to April, but skip the busiest spring break time. For swimming with whale sharks, plan for June to September.

Should I book these cool activities ahead of time?

  • Yeah, it’s smart to book big-time tours and spots like Chichen Itza and Xcaret Park early, especially when it’s busy season. Booking early can snag your spot and might even save you some cash with discounts.

Can I bring my family along to Cancun?

  • Totally! Cancun’s full of fun that’s perfect for families, with places like Xcaret Park, the Interactive Aquarium, and all the awesome beaches. Both kids and grown-ups will have a blast.

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