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15 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod 2024 for All Ages

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod 2024 for All Ages

Cape Cod, a hook-shaped peninsula in Massachusetts, is an iconic New England getaway that teems with fun-filled tasks for explorers young and old. Whether you crave the calm of sandy shores, a trek through history, or the thrill of the great outdoors, Cape Cod has a treasure just for you.

1. Explore the Cape Cod National Seashore

Venturing into the Cape Cod National Seashore ranks among the top things to do in Cape Cod. This slice of heaven stretches more than 40 miles, featuring untouched beaches, marshlands, ponds, and wildlife-rich uplands. Here, you can splash in the waves, pedal along bike paths, or scour the beach for hidden treasures. Join a guided exploration to dig into the region’s rich natural habitat and celebrated past. The seashore also hosts the legendary Marconi Station, birthplace of the first transatlantic wireless message.

2. Visit Historic Lighthouses

Scattered with picturesque, age-old lighthouses, Cape Cod beckons beacon buffs from near and far. The famed Cape Cod Light, or Highland Light, stands as the most ancient on the peninsula. Then there’s the Nauset Light, made famous on the Cape Cod Potato Chip packet. Scaling one of these lighthouses plunges you into yesteryear and rewards you with breathtaking, sweeping views of sea and shoreline.

3. Enjoy a Whale Watching Excursion

Setting sail for whale watching is a heart-pumping adventure that’s a must while in Cape Cod. The coastal waters are a dining spot for an array of whale species, from the leaping humpback to the sleek fin whale. Tour outfits, with expert guides on board, promise up-close peeks at these ocean giants. Prime whale-spotting season runs from April through October when these incredible mammals are most likely to show up.

4. Stroll Through Heritage Museums & Gardens

Heritage Museums & Gardens offer an enchanting mix of nature and human creativity, perfect for family outings or plant lovers. Wander through gardens blooming with majestic rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and a sea of other plant types. The on-site museums present a rich canvas of American Folk Art and a stunning collection of vintage cars.

5. Take a Bike Ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail

Coast along the Cape Cod Rail Trail, a 25-mile path that weaves through quaint Cape Cod towns, ideal for an afternoon of sun and cycling. Rent some wheels and follow this former railroad track as it bends through woods, meadows, and marshlands. Pause along the way for picnic breaks or to dive into small-town charms.

6. Go Fishing or Clamming

Cape Cod is a haven for anglers and clam diggers, drawing locals and guests alike. In its rich fishing waters, you might reel in striped bass, bluefish, or flounder. Clamming calls for permits, and you’ll need to play by the local rules, but it’s all part of the hands-on, satisfying experience.

7. Experience the Art Scene at Provincetown

Provincetown, perched on the tip of Cape Cod, is alive with artistic energy. This cozy coastal village bubbles over with art-filled galleries, live theaters, and craft shops. The Provincetown Art Association and Museum presents local talent, and vibrant cabaret and drag shows color the night, mirroring Provincetown’s welcoming and diverse spirit.

8. Sample Local Cuisine

Sampling Cape Cod’s mouthwatering cuisine is an adventure all its own, with seafood in the spotlight. Dish into local delights like creamy clam chowder, juicy lobster rolls, and ocean-fresh oysters. Wander the local farmers’ markets for a twist of homegrown flavors and handcrafted goodies—ideal for a beach picnic or a seaside grill.

9. Go Kayaking or Paddleboarding

Paddling the calm waters of Cape Cod by kayak or stand-up paddleboard is a serene way to soak in the stunning surroundings. Local shops provide all the gear and guided adventures through winding marshes and quiet bays, with chances to meet wildlife like herons and ospreys up close.

10. Discover the Sandwich Glass Museum

The Sandwich Glass Museum is a fascinating stop in Cape Cod that shines a light on the area’s glassblowing heritage. Watch craftspeople shape molten glass, peruse a vast collection of local glassware, and play with interactive exhibits—an engrossing visit for curious minds of all ages.

11. Visit the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

For a dash of educational fun, the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is a must-see. Wander its nature trails, engage with hands-on exhibits, and marvel at live critters, including a vibrant butterfly habitat and a bustling aquarium—a memorable, knowledge-packed day for the whole gang.

12. Play Golf at Premier Courses

Golf lovers can tee off at some of Cape Cod’s finest greens. With picture-postcard landscapes and challenging holes, golfing here might just steal the show. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, courses like the Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club and Cape Cod National Golf Club welcome all to play.

13. Attend a Festival or Event

Cape Cod brims with festivities and cultural jamborees year-round. Art fairs, live tunes, oyster shindigs, and the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival—there’s always a celebration to join, adding another layer of fun to your stay.

14. Take a Scenic Drive Along Old King’s Highway

Cruising down Old King’s Highway (Route 6A) takes you back in time, showcasing Cape Cod’s relaxed rhythm, historical buildings, and serene scenery. This road is speckled with homes from the 1600s, antique stalls, and cozy cafés—an inviting expedition through the peninsula’s core.

15. Relax at the Beach

And naturally, no Cape Cod escapade would be complete without lazy days at its stunning beaches. Whether you opt for a tranquil family beach day in the bay or choose to catch some waves on the Atlantic side, these shores are ready for leisure and sport alike. Bring your umbrella, sunscreen, and savor the ultimate Cape Cod tradition.


Q: When is the best time to visit Cape Cod for whale watching?

A: The peak season for whale watching in Cape Cod generally runs from April to October when the whales flock to the nutrient-dense waters.

Q: Are permits required for clamming in Cape Cod?

A: Yes, permits are a must for clamming in Cape Cod, and you can snag one from the local town offices. Remember, each town’s rules might differ, so check them out first.

Q: Can I bike the entire length of the Cape Cod Rail Trail in one day?

A: Covering the 25-mile stretch of the Cape Cod Rail Trail in a single day is doable for those with a good fitness level. Don’t forget to factor in breaks and detours for some sightseeing!

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