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15 Outstanding Things to Do in Cape Town South Africa 2024

by Naoi Rei
15 Outstanding Things to Do in Cape Town South Africa 2024

Discover the colorful excitement and thrilling adventures that Cape Town, South Africa, holds for you. Tucked between the majestic Table Mountain and the shimmering Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town is a treasure filled with culture, nature, and history that will thrill your heart.

### 1. Explore the Wonders of Table Mountain

Climb to the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town’s most famous natural wonder, and breathe in the stunning views of the city and coast. Whether you trek up the winding paths or glide up in the scenic Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, you can’t miss this adventure. Once you’re at the peak, wander along the paths and marvel at the sweeping vistas of the Mother City.

### 2. Feel the Pulse of the V&A Waterfront

Dive into the buzzing life of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. This lively center is packed with shops, eateries, and shows, all set against a backdrop of old-world buildings and ocean views. Stop by the Two Oceans Aquarium or drift off on a sunset cruise to truly enjoy the waterfront’s maritime magic.

### 3. Delve into History at Robben Island

Set sail on a ferry to Robben Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the former prison of Nelson Mandela. Tours guided by ex-prisoners share moving stories about South Africa’s journey to freedom, making a trip to this stark island a moving and life-changing experience.

### 4. Relax on the Beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay

The coastline of Cape Town is sprinkled with beautiful beaches, and Clifton and Camps Bay offer some of the best. Lay back on the soft sand or watch the spellbinding sunsets, these neighboring beaches are perfect for a day of chillaxing in the sun and surf.

### 5. Take a Stroll in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Meander through the green wonder of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, world-renowned for preserving Southern African plants. Nestled against Table Mountain’s slopes, the gardens invite you to serene walking trails, picnic spots, and the amazing ‘Boomslang’ canopy walkway that swings through the trees.

### 6. Discover Cape Town’s Wine Region

Taste the flavors of the Cape Winelands with a trip to the nearby vineyards. Try top-notch wines and indulge in fine dining at farms in Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Constantia. The mix of Old Dutch buildings and sweeping vine-covered hills offers a feast for the eyes and taste buds for wine fans and food enthusiasts together.

### 7. Engage with Contemporary Art at Zeitz MOCAA

Step into the sharp edge of African modern art at the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA). Set in a transformed silo at the V&A Waterfront, this stunning building is filled with floors of inspiring exhibits and installations, raising Africa’s profile in the worldwide art landscape.

### 8. Dive into Kelp Forests at the Two Oceans Aquarium

The Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront is your peek into the lively underwater worlds of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Marvel as schools of fish, sharks, and rays circle around you in the kelp forest display, one of the most enchanting sights at this family-loved spot.

### 9. Witness the Penguins at Boulders Beach

Head to Boulders Beach and be delighted by the local African penguins. Watch these dapper birds waddle on the sand and play in the waves. The walkways and platforms let you see these adorable animals without interrupting their natural space.

### 10. Experience the Colorful Bo-Kaap

Catch the spirit of Cape Town’s rich cultural mix in the historic Bo-Kaap area. Famous for its rainbow-like houses and stone streets, Bo-Kaap is a dream for photographers. Dig into the neighborhood’s Malay roots by visiting the Bo-Kaap Museum or joining a cooking class to learn how to whip up authentic Cape Malay treats.

### 11. Ride the Cape Wheel

Soar into the sky on the Cape Wheel for a fresh view of Cape Town. Located in the V&A Waterfront, this huge Ferris wheel has cozy cabins for sweeping views across the city, mountains, and ocean. Perfect for families or a loved-up getaway, the Cape Wheel is an unforgettable experience that takes your visit higher.

### 12. Trek the Cape Point Nature Reserve

Adventure is calling at the Cape Point Nature Reserve, part of the Table Mountain National Park. Walk to the old lighthouse and look out over steep cliffs to the sea below. Watch for baboons, ostriches, and various birds as you discover this wild and gorgeous cape.

### 13. Savour Local Foods at the Neighbourgoods Market

Treat yourself at the Neighbourgoods Market, popping up every Saturday at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. This bustling market draws food lovers with heaps of homegrown goodies, from handmade cheeses and bread to unique eats and craft beer. It’s a sensory party and a chance to hang out with locals.

### 14. Cycle Along the Sea Point Promenade

Hire a bike and pedal along the Sea Point Promenade, a much-loved outdoor spot for both visitors and Cape Town people. With the rolling ocean on one side and a mix of cafés and play areas on the other, this scenic strip is perfect for a casual ride or a brisk jog anytime.

### 15. Visit the District Six Museum

The District Six Museum shares the tale of a lively district torn apart during apartheid. With moving exhibits and personal stories, the museum honors the spirit of those torn from their homes and keeps their legacy alive. It’s a somber but enlightening peek at South Africa’s past.


  • What is the best time of year to visit Cape Town?

    The prime time to explore Cape Town is during the warm summer months from November to March. The weather is perfect for beach days, mountain hikes, and relishing in all the outdoor fun Cape Town has to offer.

  • Are there any safety concerns for tourists in Cape Town?

    Like any big city, some parts of Cape Town are safer than others. Visitors should always stay alert, keep flashy stuff out of sight, and listen to tips from locals about where to go, especially at night. It’s wise to stick to official taxis or app-based rides for getting around.

  • Can I see the Big Five animals in Cape Town?

    Cape Town itself doesn’t have the Big Five, but you can drive out a couple of hours to game reserves where you can book safari tours to see these awesome animals roaming free in their home turf.

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