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15 Best Things to Do in Catalina Island 2024 for All Visitors

by Naoi Rei
15 Best Things to Do in Catalina Island 2024 for All Visitors

Catalina Island, a hidden jewel just off the coast of Southern California, beckons with its irresistible mix of wild scenery, thrilling adventures, and cozy village feel. This slice of paradise invites globetrotters to journey through its lush landscapes and invites visitors of all kinds. Whether you crave the rush of diving into the deep blue or long for lazy strolls by the shore, Catalina is brimming with things to do that will charm and excite you.

1. Explore the Underwater World with Snorkeling

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Catalina Island, where snorkeling is a must-do. Strap on a mask and flippers and plunge beneath the waves to discover a world full of darting fish, swaying sea plants, and maybe even a playful sea lion. Snorkeling here is like watching an enchanting dance performed by the ocean’s creatures.

2. Take a Journey with the Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour

For those after a shot of adrenaline, the Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour sends you sailing high above the island’s canyons, offering you a view of the ocean like no other. Launch yourself from the Hog’s Back gate and fly along five zip lines. While you catch your breath, you’ll also learn fascinating facts about this special place.

3. Engage in Nature with Hiking in the Island’s Interior

The island is crisscrossed with trails that are perfect for casual strolls or energetic treks. In the island’s heart, the Trans-Catalina Trail beckons, with 38.5 miles full of jaw-dropping views, wildlife encounters, and the quiet hug of nature. For a simpler day trip, take on the Hermit Gulch Trail Loop and pack a picnic.

4. Enjoy a Scenic Tour via Golf Cart

Mosey around Catalina at a relaxed pace by renting a golf cart and cruising through Avalon, the island’s main hub. This laid-back ride lets you uncover secret spots, stunning vistas, and catch a glimpse of the elegant hillside homes. Feel the breeze and bask in the sunshine as you get a taste of island living.

5. Unwind at Descanso Beach Club

Descanso Beach Club is the essence of Catalina’s relaxed luxury. Enjoy a cool drink as you recline on a beach chair, wiggle your toes in the soft waters, or join in the beachside fun. Its spotless sands and private cabanas make for the ultimate day by the sea.

6. Step Back in Time at the Catalina Island Museum

Dive into the island’s deep past at the Catalina Island Museum. The exhibits span a wide range, from local Native American history to the island’s days as a Hollywood hotspot, including keepsakes from the famous Catalina Casino. Discovering this history helps you understand how the island became what it is today.

7. Discover Sea Life on a Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Peek into the ocean’s secrets with a Glass Bottom Boat Voyage. Peer through the glass to gaze upon a rainbow of sea creatures from the comfort of your seat. It’s a spellbinding adventure for all ages that brings you face-to-face with the island’s water wonders.

8. Hit the Green at Catalina Island Golf Course

Golf lovers can swing a club at the Catalina Island Golf Course, the oldest course still in use west of the Rockies. Its nine holes challenge golfers amidst a backdrop of undulating hills and blue skies. Test your abilities where golf legends have played.

9. Take a Guided Tour of the Casino Building

The majestic Catalina Casino symbolizes the island’s elegance and style. Although there’s no gambling here, a guided tour lets you marvel at the grand ballroom, the historic theater, and the beautiful murals – all a nod to the artistic legacy of the past.

10. Kayak the Coastline for a Hands-On Adventure

For direct contact with the sea, kayaking along Catalina’s coast lets you find sea caves, secret bays, and secluded sands. Paddle at your own rhythm as you gently interact with the water and marine life. Nearby shops in Avalon and Two Harbors equip you with all you need and guide your exploration.

11. Encounter Wildlife on the Eco Jeep Adventure

Jump on a wide-open Jeep for an Eco Jeep Adventure that gets you up close and personal with Catalina’s varied wildlife, like bison, foxes, and bald eagles. Expert guides share their knowledge of the island’s habitats as you track through the rough landscapes, catching sight of Catalina’s wilder side.

12. Try Your Luck Fishing off the Pier or on a Charter

The waters around Catalina are teeming with fish, making it a hotspot for fishing fans. Toss a line off Avalon Pier or board a deep-sea fishing boat to snag a trophy like yellowtail or sea bass. With the island’s storied fishing tradition, you’re sure to reel in an epic tale.

13. Experience Parasailing for Unmatched Aerial Views

For a view like a bird, try parasailing off Catalina’s coast for an extraordinary flight. Drift into the sky and gawk at the sweeping scenes of land kissing sea. It’s a chance to experience the island’s grand landscapes from an electrifying perspective that’s not for the faint-hearted.

14. Relax with a Spa Treatment

Catalina has plenty of spots to get pampered too, with its selection of spas. Whether it’s a calming massage or a refreshing facial, the island’s spa options provide a quiet haven for those needing to chill out and renew. The ocean’s whispering waves add a relaxing touch as skilled pros take care of you.

15. Stargaze at the Island’s Campsites

Away from the city’s bright lights, Catalina is a stargazer’s dream. Snuggle up under the stars at a local campsite and let the night sky’s magic wash over you. It’s the perfect way to top off a day of island discoveries with a dash of starry amazement.

Suggested FAQ section:

Q1: Do I need a special permit to drive a golf cart on Catalina Island?

  • No, you don’t need any special permit to drive a golf cart here. Just bring your valid driver’s license, and the rental folks will tell you all you need to know to get going.

Q2: Are there activities suitable for children on Catalina Island?

  • Definitely! Catalina is great for kids, with gentle coves perfect for snorkeling, an engaging museum, glass bottom boat tours that are full of wonder, and the splashy fun of Descanso Beach Club.

Q3: Can visitors camp anywhere on Catalina Island?

  • You can only camp in specific campgrounds on Catalina. It’s best to book ahead, especially when it’s busy, and you can do this with the Catalina Island Conservancy or campground operators.

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