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15 Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles 2024 – Scenic & Serene Escapes

by Ethan
15 Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles 2024 – Scenic & Serene Escapes

Need to break free from the city’s noise and rush? Folks in Los Angeles have heaps of amazing spots for weekend trips. Whether you’re craving calm beaches, picture-perfect trails, or quaint little towns, the areas around LA have a ton to offer for those looking to chill out and fill up on good vibes. Dive into this list of weekend getaways from Los Angeles that are sure to carry you off to peace and excitement.

1. Santa Barbara – The American Riviera

Tucked between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the bright Pacific, Santa Barbara shines as the American Riviera. With its white-walled buildings and a sea of wineries, it’s a haven for those mixing culture with quiet. Wander the old Stearns Wharf or soak up the sun on sparkling beaches. The charming downtown, with its unique shops and tasty bites, offers a perfect escape just hours from LA.

2. Joshua Tree National Park – A Desert Retreat

Only a hop from LA, Joshua Tree National Park spreads out its desert arms, bringing together two wild ecosystems. Known for the iconic Joshua Trees scattered about, it’s a dreamland for nature buffs. The park invites you to hike, rock climb, or gaze at the star-glazed sky, thanks to its dark night policy. With funky rock shapes and all sorts of critters, it’s a quiet corner for those yearning for a chat with nature.

3. Big Bear Lake – Mountain Escape

A treat for all seasons, Big Bear Lake nestles in the San Bernardino National Forest. Come winter, it flips into a snowy playground with slopes for skiing and snowboarding. When it’s warm, dive into outdoor thrills like hiking, biking, and splashing about on the lake. With snug cabins and fresh mountain breeze, Big Bear is within reach for a quick LA getaway.

4. Palm Springs – Chic Desert Oasis

Palm Springs is all about sharp, modern designs, cool vintage finds, and glittering pools. A short journey from LA, this slick desert hangout is bustling with art and culture, hosting festivals, exhibits, and design tours. Whether you fancy a lazy pool day, a pampering spa session, or an art hunt, Palm Springs is your stylish spot to loosen up.

5. Catalina Island – Island Getaway

Ferry over to Catalina Island and find cutesy villages, wild scenery, and crystal-clear seas. Try snorkeling, trail-blazing, or roaming the historic Avalon town. The boat ride itself grants you stunning ocean views and a shot at spotting playful dolphins. Catalina Island is a hop, skip, and a jump from the city grind, making it a prime pick for island dreaming on a tight schedule.

6. San Diego – Southern California Charm

San Diego oozes a chill vibe with its lovely beaches, famous zoo, and timeless Old Town. Surf-hungry? Beaches await. Beer-lover? Crafts are on tap. Hungry for seafood? Dig in. San Diego’s mix caters to everyone under the sun, and its closeness to LA makes it a no-brainer for a weekend soaked in sunshine, fun, and chill time.

7. Solvang – Danish Delights

For a little slice of Europe right above Santa Barbara, Solvang dishes out a Danish treat without crossing the ocean. This village is dotted with windmills, Danish-inspired buildings, and bakeries filled with sweet delights. The local wineries in Santa Ynez Valley turn Solvang into a yummy cultural spot for LA day-trippers.

8. Laguna Beach – Coastal Sophistication

Laguna Beach meshes art, beach vibes, and stunning nature. It’s recognized for its breath-taking coves, art-filled galleries, and the famous Pageant of the Masters. Splash around, explore tidal pools, or just kick back on sandy shores. A stay here hands you the perfect backdrop for seaside rejuvenation.

9. Ojai – Bohemian Rhapsody

Ojai’s a small town with heaps of charm, celebrated for its soulful atmosphere and pretty places. There, you’ll discover handcrafted goods, fresh organic eats, and countless wellness retreats. Framed by mountains and not far from the sea, Ojai’s chilled-out vibes are perfect for anyone needing to slow down and breathe easy.

10. Temecula Valley – Wine Country Haven

Temecula Valley stands out as Southern California’s grape paradise, with wineries and hills as far as the eye can see. Wine-tasting adventures, hot air balloon flights, and a quaint Old Town with country-style walks create a true rustic break from city life. Pull up a chair and savor fine wines amid the peaceful landscapes.

11. Malibu – Surfers’ Paradise

Known for its famous coast and star-studded neighborhoods, Malibu runs along the ocean with views that’ll catch your breath. Surfers flock to legendary spots like Surfrider Beach, while peace-seekers can find calm in hidden coves. Local seafood and tranquil trails in the Santa Monica Mountains sprinkle extra magic on this laid-back beach retreat.

12. Lake Arrowhead – Alpine Getaway

If your heart longs for the sweet scent of pine and lakeside fun, Lake Arrowhead is your go-to. Just 90 minutes from LA, this mountain haven offers cool activities like hiking, fishing, and cruising on the water. The village charms with shops and eateries boasting views of the shimmering lake.

13. Paso Robles – Rustic Wine Retreat

Tucked in the Central Coast wine scene, Paso Robles is a treasure with over 200 wineries. It’s loved for thermal springs, olive groves, and a friendly downtown with history-filled spaces. Kick back with lazy wine tastings or take a scenic drive along vineyard-lined country roads.

14. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks – Giant Wonders

Hosting some of the planet’s mightiest trees, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks stand as nature’s towering masterpieces. With giant sequoia groves, deep-cut canyons, and sky-scraping peaks, these twins put awe in the hearts of visitors. Strolling among these ancient behemoths offers a moment of wonder for any lover of the wild.

15. Ventura – Laid-back Beach Town

Ventura is a beach city that mixes up outdoor action with a dash of California’s past. It’s the gateway to Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary, offering boat trips, hikes, and wildlife in abundance. Hit the surf shops, local grills, and the storied Ventura Pier for a sun-soaked taste of the coast.


What are the best types of accommodations for weekend getaways from Los Angeles?

Choosing a spot for a weekend trip from Los Angeles? Think oceanfront hotels, snug mountain cabins, fancy resorts, or homey rentals. The right fit depends on where you’re headed and the vibe you’re after.

Are there pet-friendly weekend getaway options from Los Angeles?

Yep, heaps of spots near Los Angeles have pet-friendly places to stay. Just check with the hotel or rental to make sure your pet pals are welcome.

Do I need to book activities in advance for my weekend getaway?

For sure, booking things like wine tastings, spa slots, or tours ahead of time is smart, especially when everyone’s out and about on weekends or peak seasons. It’ll save you from missing out!

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