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15 Best Weekend Getaways in New England 2024: Must-See Retreats

by Ethan
15 Best Weekend Getaways in New England 2024: Must-See Retreats

Would you like to break free from the daily grind? New England is an enchanting mix of beautiful scenery, rich history, and charming small towns, making it an amazing spot for weekend getaways that bring both peace and excitement. Whether you dream of beachside calm, mountain excitement, or wandering around a snug village, these top spots offer something for every kind of explorer. Let’s set off to uncover the 15 most incredible weekend getaways in New England for 2024.

1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod shines as a stunning peninsula where you can have a beach escape that’s unique. Noted for its strong sea heritage, visitors can relish the endless sands, taste the ocean’s freshest catches, and dive into the area’s art and history. Embark on whale-spotting journeys or enjoy a peaceful bike cruise down the Cape Cod Rail Trail. With its captivating villages and mix of fun activities, Cape Cod is a jewel among weekend getaways in New England.

2. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport sparkles as a gem where luxury meets a rich past. Famous for its lavish estates like The Breakers, this city welcomes you with a peek into the splendor of America’s Gilded Age. But there’s more – with cliff walks and boat trips, you can find a perfect balance between grandeur and the great outdoors. Newport is a picture-perfect example of New England’s getaway charm.

3. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Tucked by the ocean, Portsmouth fuses old-world charm with a fresh energy. Its bustling downtown is packed with coffee stops and bookshops, and historic houses and museums dot the cobblestone streets. A paradise for food lovers, this town will tickle your taste buds with its food tours and microbreweries. Portsmouth is a gateway between New England’s history and today.

4. The Berkshires, Massachusetts

The green peaks of The Berkshires are a haven for lovers of both culture and nature. With stages like Tanglewood, and art havens like the MASS MoCA, this area is a sanctuary for those drawn to the arts. Sprinkle in some mountain trekking paths, and The Berkshires capture the essence of both restful and lively weekend getaways in New England.

5. Bar Harbor, Maine

The front door to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is a dream spot for those who enjoy nature. The park’s towering peaks and ocean views offer countless paths for discovery. Bar Harbor itself enchants with its small shops and waterfront eateries. In this place, wilderness whispers blend with the comforts of town life.

6. Stowe, Vermont

Wrapped in the arms of the Green Mountains, Stowe is a place to visit any time of year, known especially for winter fun. But beyond the snowy hills, Stowe blooms with summer festivals, spectacular fall colors, and the fresh green of spring. Head out on the hiking trails or unwind at a spa among the mountains. In Stowe, beauty and thrill go hand-in-hand.

7. Block Island, Rhode Island

Out at sea, Block Island is a natural wonder still untouched by the clock. Its rolling sand hills, beacons of light, and wild beaches call out to those who love nature and pristine shores. Hop on a bike or hike through the green paths; Block Island offers an escape for both body and soul.

8. Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport is the heart of coastal New England with its age-old homes and soft beaches. Whether gliding on the Kennebunk River or discovering the town’s creative side, Kennebunkport goes beyond what you hope for in an ocean-side sanctuary.

9. North Conway, New Hampshire

North Conway is cozily snuggled in the White Mountain National Forest. Indulge in the mountain views and active pursuits, from hiking and scaling heights to swooshing on skis. The village itself boasts a collection of local stores, blending rustic charm with a shopping spree.

10. Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic is a nautical hideaway where yesteryear and today sail together. Easy to time-travel here with Mystic Seaport Museum’s historic ships and Olde Mistick Village’s throwback to the 18th century. Finish off your day with a peaceful stroll by the Mystic River as the sun dips below the horizon.

11. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard is not just for the stars; it’s an island open to everyone, with its sandy shores, soaring cliffs, and bike-friendly paths. Uncover the six towns on the island, each radiating its own unique vibe and allure. From the famous Gay Head Lighthouse to the whirl of the Flying Horses Carousel, the island provides a colorful variety of sights.

12. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Lake Winnipesaukee is the shining gem in New Hampshire’s Lake Region, filled with endless fun on and around its blue waters. Take a pretty boat tour or climb the trails for sweeping views. When night falls, bask in the comfort of a lakeside cabin with the lake’s peace under a blanket of stars.

13. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington blends small-town allure with city life’s buzz. Take a jaunt down Church Street Marketplace or chill by Lake Champlain. Dive into the local scene with music, artwork, and food straight from the farm. Burlington is as diverse as it is welcoming.

14. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket, with its winding cobblestone lanes and tales of whales, is irresistibly quaint. Bike across the island, check out the Nantucket Whaling Museum, or just unwind on unspoiled strands of sand. Nantucket moves at a slower rhythm, where the spirit of historic New England lingers in the air.

15. Woodstock, Vermont

The picture-perfect town of Woodstock embodies the idyllic New England village scene. With its sheltered bridges and storied farms, Woodstock is full of enchantment. Visitors love to explore the local crafts, food stalls, and peaceful countryside. This town is the crown of New England’s quiet and beauty.


What is the best season to visit New England for a weekend getaway?

Every season in New England shines in its own way. Spring and summer bring lush green land and comfy weather for being outdoors, while autumn is famous for its breathtaking leaf colors. Winter is the time for those who love snow and mountain fun.

Are these weekend getaways in New England good for families?

Yes, indeed! Many of these places have things to do that people of all ages will enjoy, like the seashore, walking trails, museums, and places full of culture.

When should I book a place to stay for a weekend getaway in New England?

It’s smart to book your stay a few weeks to a couple of months ahead, especially during busy times like summer and autumn. Some spots get full fast because they’re so popular and don’t have a lot of room.

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