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Worst Time to Visit Australia: When is BEST & Cheapest to Go?

by Ethan
Worst Time to Visit Australia: When is BEST & Cheapest to Go?

Jetting off to Australia is a big dream for lots of adventure seekers! This continent-country is a magnet with its cool animals you can’t find anywhere else, breath-taking views, and cities that are buzzing with life. But, because Australia’s mood can switch up so quickly, there are times when your fun might take a hit. Knowing the worst times to visit Australia is key to make sure your trip is everything you hoped for.

Best Times to Visit Australia

When you pick the date for your trip to Australia, it can really change the kind of fun you have. Here’s a quick guide to when’s the best time to go:

  • April to September: A dry and nice time in the top part of Australia.
  • October to March: Rainy times with lots of wildlife to see and pretty wetlands.

To dodge nasty weather and places packed with people, try fitting your trip into these times.

Worst Times to Visit Australia: Weather and Crowds

When it’s not so great to visit Australia depends a lot on different weather and when tourists usually come:

  • December to February: Mega hot summers with a ton of sweat and sizzle, mainly up north.
  • April to September: Lots of people visit then, which means busy spots and things can get pricey.

Picking other times could help you dodge a trip that’s not so hot.

Seasonal Flight Prices

How much you pay for flying to Australia can also push you to pick certain times:

  • May to June, July to September: Cheapo Season
  • February to April, June to July, September to November: In-between Season
  • December to January: Top-dollar Season

Looking at these times and prices could help you plan a trip that’s kinder on your wallet.

High and Low Seasons in Australia

Check out when Australia gets the most and least visitors:

  • High Season (April to September): The weather is sweet, but it’s busier and you might spend more cash.
  • Low Season (October to March): Not as many people, but it can be a sizzler in lots of places.

Each time of the year has pros and cons, from whether you’ll need sunblock to how many pals you’ll be sharing the beach with.

Jellyfish Season in Australia

If you love the beach, watch out for jellyfish times:

  • North Australia: October to April
  • North of Western Australia and Queensland: November to March

Skipping these times is important if you want safe seas for splashing around.

The Best Time to Travel to Australia

Hitting the sweet spot with weather, costs, and crowds can make your visit awesome:

  • Shoulder Seasons for a Win: The perfect mix of cool weather and deals happens in the shoulder seasons – February to April, June to July, and September to November.

In the end, when you go to Australia should match up with the weather, plus what you want to do and places you want to check out.


What months should I skip if I don’t want to bump into super big tourist crowds in Australia?

Staying away from the busy times from April to September is smart if you want fewer crowds to deal with.

Is there a time that’s tricky for checking out the Great Barrier Reef?

Heading there from November to March might not be great because of the stinger jellyfish. That’s when the water can get risky.

When is it just too hot for kicking back in the Australian Outback?

The Outback can get crazy hot in the summer months from December to February, and it gets so hot it can be unbearable, so it’s not the best time for a visit.

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