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Worst Time to Visit Cabo: When is BEST & Cheapest to Go?

by Ethan
Worst Time to Visit Cabo: When is BEST & Cheapest to Go?

If you’re dreaming of a trip to the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Lucas, picking the right time is key. This ocean wonderland beckons with its sun-drenched shores and sparkling waters, but there are moments when it might not be the paradise you’re hoping for. We’re going to help you figure out when’s the best—and worst—time to visit Cabo, plus give you tips for when to catch good travel deals, save some cash, and relax away from the busy crowds. First, let’s take a look at Cabo’s yearly flow of visitors.

The Overall Best Time to Visit Cabo

The time from December to April is golden for basking in Cabo’s beauty. Here’s why:

  • Perfect Warmth: The temperature hovers around a comfy 79°F—ideal for beach days.
  • Thrilling Sea Life: Spot the amazing whale sharks and watch humpback whales leap.
  • Party Vibes: The nights come alive, and don’t miss the Baja Food & Wine Festival for fun!

Cheapest Time to Visit Cabo

Want to keep your wallet happy? Aim for July to October. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Deals Galore: Snap up cheaper hotel rooms and flight tickets.
  • Rainy Thrills: Sure, it might pour, but for those who dare, awesome discounts await.
  • Open Beaches: With fewer folks around, there’s more sandy space just for you.

Least Busy Time to Visit Cabo

If it’s peace and pristine bliss you’re after, May to June and October to November are your go-tos.

  • Room to Breathe: Say goodbye to elbowing for a spot on the sand.
  • Hotel Steals: Find great deals on places to stay.
  • Water Bliss: Dive, surf, and fish in serene settings.

Worst Time to Visit Cabo

Get ready—July to September means stormy times ahead for Cabo’s beaches.

  • Wet Troubles: Rainstorms with lots of downpours are normal.
  • Putting Fun on Pause: You might have to skip outdoor plans because of the rains.
  • Heads Up, Sunshine Lovers: Stay clear of these wet months if you’re after sun.

Weather Conditions in Cabo

Get to know Cabo’s weather to pick the best time for your trip.

  • Cozy Winter: December to April is warm and just right.
  • Hot Hot Summer: May to June cranks up the heat but still has blue skies.
  • Rainy Hassles: Expect to face some rainy days from July to September.

Activities to Enjoy in Cabo

No matter the season, you’ll find loads of fun stuff to do in Cabo.

  • Winter Whale Watching: The best time to see whales is during the colder months.
  • Summer Water Fun: The sea’s warm—perfect for splashing and water sports.
  • Fall Fun: Dive into fishing competitions and foodies’ delights.

Events and Festivals in Cabo

Cabo’s calendar is sprinkled with fun happenings for all kinds of interests.

  • Local Parties: Dive into the community’s traditions and local bashes.
  • Foodie Feasts: Try the best local eats and sips.
  • Concerts and Cheers: Jam to live music and make memories under the stars.


What should I think about when planning a trip to Cabo?
Think about the weather, what’s happening in town, your budget, and if you like lots of people around when planning your trip to Cabo.

How can I keep costs down when going to Cabo?
Take a trip in the quieter season between July and October for the sweetest deals on where to sleep and how to get there. Just remember it’s also when it rains a lot.

Are there times that are not the best for visiting Cabo?
If you’re all about outdoor fun and soaking up the sun, you might want to skip the worst of the wet season from July to September.

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