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Worst Time to Visit Colorado: When is BEST & Cheapest to Go?

by Ethan
Worst Time to Visit Colorado: When is BEST & Cheapest to Go?

Plunge into the wild beauty of Colorado and you’ll find yourself awed by its towering mountains and endless valleys, a true masterpiece of nature. It’s a dream spot for all who love to roam, seek thrills, and soak up the outdoors. But even this slice of heaven has its off days when the weather just won’t cooperate. To make your journey into these rocky lands the best it can be, let’s look at the times you might want to avoid – the worst time to visit Colorado.

Worst Time to Visit Colorado: When Mother Nature Says ‘No’

In colorful Colorado, the varying climate and lay of the land mean some seasons might spoil your travel fun. To pick the best time for your visit, it’s worth knowing the state’s weather patterns and thinking about what you hope to do while you’re there. Take a peek at this list:

March-AprilWeather’s all over the place; surprise snowstorms can pop up
MayMight bring the most rain, especially near Denver-Boulder
JuneTrails up high could still be snow-packed until the end of the month
December-JanuarySuper cold and snowy; great for skiing, not much else

These times might mess with plans for hiking or exploring the cities. It’s key to dig into why these might not be the best moments to make the trip, especially if you’re hoping to avoid bummers.

Weather and Climate in Colorado: Expect the Unexpected

Sitting high at an average altitude of 6,800 feet, Colorado’s weather can swing wildly. Here’s a quick look:

  • Summers sizzle and often end days with booming thunderstorms
  • Falls cool down and show off Colorado’s colorful leaves
  • Winters bring the chill and piles of snow, perfect for folks who love snow sports
  • Spring can flip from sunny to snowy or soggy in no time

If you’re not into winter sports, the frosty, snow-packed months of December and January might not be your thing. Spring’s unpredictable swings can also cancel your hiking plans thanks to surprise snow or rain, which happens a lot around places like Denver and Boulder.

Worst Time for Outdoor Activities in Colorado: Dodge the Discomfort

If you’re after the buzz of being outside, you’ll want to skip the sketchier seasons:

  • March and April: They might hit you with a sudden snowstorm. Ski runs could be nice, but other fun outdoors is a toss-up.
  • May: Down on the plains and near the mountains, this month can get really wet and muck up your treks or climbs.
  • December-January: Super chilly times like these are a hit for ski lovers but a miss if you don’t enjoy being bundled up inside. Not the best pick if you’re chasing wide-open adventure.

Keep in mind that late snow melts in June or fickle spring weather could push pause on your plans for stuff like hiking, kayaking, or climbing.

Our Experience in Colorado: Learning the Hard Way

Learning from others can help you plan better. Here’s a bit of what happened to us:

Our trip to Colorado was greeted by a surprise spring snowstorm that kept us cooped up inside. All thoughts of fun outdoors were dashed. The takeaway? Timing is key. Rolling into a potentially wild weather season can flip your plans from epic adventure to indoor chill-out time.

Colorado Geography Overview: A Land of Highs and Lows

Knowing Colorado’s topography helps you figure out when to go:

  • The Rocky Mountains slice through the middle, stirring up different weathers
  • West-side plateaus and east-side plains add their own weather twists
  • Big changes in altitude might serve you sun or slap you with hail

The varied heights across the state play into the local weather quirks, making some parts of the year less inviting, depending on where you are and what you plan to do.

Weather Patterns in Colorado: Sunshine and Surprises

One of Colorado’s big draws is its sunshine, claiming over 300 days a year shining down. But here’s what else might sneak in:

  • Pop-up rain or snow during change-of-season months (Sep-Oct, Mar-Apr)
  • Kick-up-your-heels summer thunderstorms, maybe even every afternoon
  • February might get the blue ribbon for driest, but it’s also cold as can be

These sneak-up weather patterns are important to consider. They could nudge you away from times when weather woes might crash your Colorado dreams.

Summer in Colorado: What to Expect Beyond Sunshine

Summertime here is like opening a grab bag:

  • From June to August, it warms up right for water fun
  • Late in June, some paths might still be under snow, so getting high into the hills could be tough
  • Peak season also means more folks out and about

Jump into the summer’s lively vibe, but keep in mind that the early parts might still be snowy on the trails, and it gets pretty crowded once things clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the least packed time to visit Colorado mountains?

Between April and May or from late September to October it’s usually not as busy, but the weather can play tricks, like sudden spring snow or an early winter dusting.

Can I visit Colorado in winter if I don’t ski?

Sure thing! Cities like Denver and Boulder have lots going on culturally, and offer winter fun even without the skiing. But get ready for the chill and maybe loads of snow.

Is a summer trip to Colorado perfect for all kinds of outdoor fun?

Absolutely, but with something to keep in mind. June might still have trails covered in snatches of snow, and summer afternoons can bring thunder and rain, so plan with that in mind. Water sports are best done in the hotter months, but always stay tuned to the forecast.

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