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Worst Time to Visit London: When is the Best & Cheapest Time?

by Ethan
people near Big Ben in London

London, the heart of England, is a beacon of history, modern charm, and a melting pot of cultures, pulling visitors from all corners every year. Planning your family trip at the right time can turn a good trip into a great one. Keep in mind the phrase ‘worst time to visit London’, and let this guide steer you away from the crowds to enjoy the city when it’s not too busy.

Worst Time to Visit London: July and August

July and August are the top of the tourist season in London. Here’s why those might not be the best months for your trip:

  • Population Density: More tourists mean packed places, full museums, and jammed buses and trains – making for a less peaceful vacation.
  • Increased Costs: When everyone wants to come, prices for flights, hotels, and even local shops go way up.
  • Climatic Discomfort: English summers aren’t the hottest, but they can be warm and sticky, which isn’t great for long days out.

Crowds in London During Peak Season

Picture this: famous spots like Buckingham Palace, the giant Ferris wheel, and the big museum fill up with people from around the world. This makes for fun people-watching, but also long lines, crammed places, and not quite the special vibe you might hope for.

Expense of Traveling to London in July and August

High summer season means high prices. Staying in the center of London gets really expensive, so you might need to think about staying a bit further out or renting a place for a short while.

Weather Conditions in London During Summer Months

London’s summer can be tricky. One minute there’s a heatwave, the next it’s pouring rain. Picnics can be magical, unless it’s too hot, which can wear out even the most energetic kids.

Best Time to Visit London for Families: June

To skip the downsides of July and August, think about June. It’s usually not too hot or too crowded, making it just right for families to check out London’s cool stuff.

Tips for Visiting London During July and August

  • Opt for Non-Central Accommodations: Consider the upside of staying away from city center action.
  • Smart Transit: Travel at less busy times to make getting around less stressful.
  • Timed Entries: Book certain times for popular spots to cut down on waiting.
  • Pre-Booking Passes: Get tickets early to skip the big lines.
  • Adjust Expectations: Plan for some downtime and surprises, which can be key when traveling with kids.

How to Still Enjoy London Despite the Challenges

Even in the busy season, you can love London by doing something different, like finding cool spots off the regular tourist track. Or stay indoors with plays, classes, or fun exhibits that let you chill away from the weather.

FAQ #1: What should I absolutely avoid in London during peak tourist season?

Stay away from the biggest sights around lunchtime when everyone’s there, and maybe give a miss to the super busy Oxford Street.

FAQ #2: Are there any less-known family-friendly attractions recommended during busy months?

Yep, places like the Horniman Museum with its gardens, the Postal Museum, and the air force museum are cool for families and not as well-known.

FAQ #3: Is there a recommended time of day to visit popular London sites in the summer?

Early in the morning or later in the evening are usually quieter, with fewer people and shorter wait times for seeing the sights.

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