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Top 8 Must-Visit Bagel Spots in New York City – A Foodie’s Guide

by Ethan
Top 8 Must-Visit Bagel Spots in New York City - A Foodie's Guide

The Big Apple shines when it comes to tasty eats, and bagels are a big deal here. These puffy, round snacks are everywhere, with each bagel joint throwing in their own secret touch to whip up the dream bagel. Get ready to take a tour through eight top-notch bagels spots in New York City that are a must-visit for any bagel fan. You’ll walk into places where they still roll dough by hand, where the choices for toppings and spreads are endless, and where people happily line up around the block.


Ess-a-Bagel is a name that rings loud in the world of New York City bagels. Nestled in Midtown East, this spot is famous for its huge, hearty bagels. They bake their bagels right there, and the spread options are through the roof, from the good old cream cheese to daring stuff like whitefish salad. Sure, the line might be long, but waiting is all part of the fun in NYC.

Bagel Hole

Brooklyn’s right in the mix with Bagel Hole, a gem of the borough. Park Slope is where you find this little shop that’s big on taste. Its compact, substantial bagels come with a crunchy outside and a tender, rich inside. The tradition of hand-rolling and boiling them before baking is still alive and well at Bagel Hole.

Murray’s Bagels

Murray’s Bagels in Greenwich Village is your spot for always-fresh bagels. Here, they have a rule – no toasting. They believe a top-notch bagel doesn’t need the extra heat. Their variety, with options for vegans too, is what keeps Murray’s feeling fresh and modern. Don’t miss their garlic and everything bagels!

Tomkins Square Bagels

Tomkins Square Bagels puts a fun spin on the usual NYC bagel. This buzzing East Village shop boasts an amazing selection of homemade cream cheeses, like the cool birthday cake or the tasty bacon scallion. Owner Christopher Pugliese makes sure your bagel is handed to you warm, ready for that first heavenly bite.

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

Looking for a top-notch bagel in Chelsea or Astoria? Head to Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company. Their famous lineup includes everything from whole wheat to gluten-free choices. Match their everything bagel with any of their whipped-up cream cheeses or a solid filling for a truly gratifying meal.

Absolute Bagels

Over on the Upper West Side, Absolute Bagels is a star. It’s got that perfect crispy outside and a soft, hearty middle. With Thai owners at the helm, their bagels have been a hit with both the locals and tourists, giving even the big-shot bagel names a run for their money.

Black Seed Bagels

Black Seed Bagels is where New York meets Montreal, with locations sprinkled across the city. They give their bagels a unique twist by cooking them in a wood oven, which adds an awesome crunch and a hint of sweetness. They’re also about mixing tradition with fancy, teaming up with chefs to craft special bagels now and then.

Utopia Bagels

Make your way to Utopia Bagels in Queens—it’s worth the trip. For over 30 years, they’ve been bringing smiles with their big, fluffy bagels, made using a secret recipe that’s half a century old. Here, the New York warmth is just as much a part of the bagel as the dough itself.

Bagels in New York City are way more than a simple snack; they’re a vital slice of the city’s food scene. Whether it’s the tried-and-true or something with a new twist, each of these eight shops dishes out bagels that stand out in a city famous for its fierce food rivalry. For the true bagel buffs and those hungry for adventure, sinking your teeth into these bagels is an absolute must.


What makes New York City bagels special?

New York City bagels are legendary for their satisfying crunch outside and their filling, chewy inside. Many people also say the city’s tap water adds that can’t-miss flavor.

Should I toast a New York City bagel?

A lot of bagel lovers in New York will tell you it’s a no-no to toast a just-baked bagel because it should already be perfect straight from the oven.

Are there gluten-free bagels around New York City?

Yes, there sure are! Places like Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company serve up gluten-free bagels for folks looking out for their diet.

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